It is a realistic fiction and fantasy, you'll understand when you finish reading the whole story, when it's finished, anyway.


2. Chapter 1

    Jamie stood up, picking her stuff up from the floor beside her locker. She looked around, notepad and pencil in one hand, as usual. Weaving through the crowded hallways, she made her way to her first block room, went through the instructions on the board, and set a course for the classroom door. Right in the doorway, she bumped into a boy that she vaguely recognized. She had retained her grip on the pad of paper and pencil, whereas the boy had dropped everything that he had held just a moment earlier. Saying  nothing, the boy crouched and began to pick up his scattered belongings. The last minute flood came and the hunk of the class, Nate, went to kick the boys reacquired precarious hold on his school books.




Nate, confused and startled, slipped on one of the loose papers dropped from the other students and crashed into the lockers a few feet over.


    “What the -?!” he said, followed by a short, pitiful, exhalation of breath.


He slowly got up, looking around carefully. Hi malicious gaze landed on her after a few seconds.


    “ ‘Ello pipsqueak.” he muttered, his, rough, thick accent distorting his words,


“ ‘Ave a crush on the geek, do ya?” He laughed, his face twisting into a mask of malignant hostility.


    “No!” I said, blushing and glancing away, at the boy, briefly, which confused me. Following which he looked at me, raising an eyebrow, which confused me more. I was so confused, I didn't see the fist hurtling towards my face.




    I woke up with a headache in the clinic, I looked around trying to remember what had happened. I heard the nurse shuffling through papers at her desk. It all came back to me in a big messy blob, why had I protected that boy? Did I recognize him? A bit, I tried to remember who he was, all that came up was swimming images of bikes, roads, and woods. There was one other thing that she remembered, though, a classroom. As she was pondering on why she would remember a classroom the nurse walked up to her cot and told her that she was free to go back to class. Go back to class! With this headache? No way! I tried to persuade her that I really needed to be picked up by my mom, but she just shook her head and walked back to her desk, giving me a pass for my next class.



    I stalked back to math, my least favorite class, with an icepack held gently to my eye. I shifted, walking from one side of the hallway to the other, walking closer to classroom doors so I would pass them faster. As I walked past one class room, I saw my best friend, Ellie, staring blankly out the door window, until she saw me I expect that she was wishing that her Social Studies class to be over, not to mention the school day. But as I walked past I slowed down and she waved a little just before looking at her teacher and raising her hand. I walked a few feet to the lockers and waited. She swung open the door and softly closed it, strutting over to where I was leaning against the lockers.


    “So what did you do this time?” She asked laughing as I scowled back at her,

“Trip, and fall of the bleachers, or wait,” she added, beginning to giggle, “You saw Nick in the hall and face planted into a locker!”


    I stared at her, mortified.


    “Did not!” I said, blushing and sweeping a stray hair out of my face,

“Do you want to hear what really happened or not?” I said, hastily changing the subject.


    “Sure, tell me at lunch though, I have to get back to class soon.”


    Ellie scooted back to the door of her class as I sighed and continued trudging down the hallway and through the locker pod to my next class.



    I creaked open the door to my math class, everyones eyes inevitably turning to me. I tried to ignore them, but I recognized a few people that I cared if they were staring. Like Nick for example. Oh, gosh, I hope I’m not blushing right now, I thought. Unfortunately for me, I felt the familiar tingle in my cheeks and knew that I was, indeed, blushing.

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