It is a realistic fiction and fantasy, you'll understand when you finish reading the whole story, when it's finished, anyway.


1. Prologue

One would think that Nathan McAntare would be an ordinary boy. He went to school, had A’s and B’s, played soccer, and lived in a smallish house on the corner of Straight’s Road. He went to an average elementary school, or at least he used to. Now he goes to a gifted and talented middle school in county. We're not there yet though, because, to start the story, we have to begin at the beginning.


    When Nathan was in second grade at Runner’s Field elementary, he was the quietest and shiest in his entire grade. He almost never brought anything for show-and-tell, and only had a few friends. His three friends, Nick, James, and Griffon, had called him ¨Snip¨ because of an incident that happened in kindergarten in which he attempted to cut his hair. But Snip soon evolved into ¨Snip-its¨ when he developed an unfortunate stuttering problem. But those nicknames would soon be lost to a less affectionate one.




        ¨Stupid!¨ ¨Idiot¨ ¨Nobody¨

These names now became unnervingly constant in his middle school life. All because of some little thing that happened in second grade, nobody even remembered what it was! Nathan did though, Nathan remembered. He remembered the teacher’s face, he remembered the bright orange carpet clashing with the sickly green pillows, he remembered the birds, and how they seemed to stop singing, but most of he remembered the laughing. They all laughed. The teacher laughed, the other students laughed, his friends laughed.

Now, whenever somebody ever asks him about, or comments on, that day, he responds like so: ¨You laughed.¨


    Jamie Fedro just happened to be in all his classes, ever, even in preschool she was sitting beside him pointing at a number or giving him support. She was one of his best friends, and until the middle of second grade she came over to his house, biked down the road with him, and explored the woods with him. She liked most the same things as him, but had many unique interests such as horse riding or writing. When the fateful day came she was so surprised that she, too, laughed. She thought that she would never forget the look on his face when the class responded, but now the memory swam in the back of her mind with other strange and seemingly insignificant memories.

    Now Jamie, the school journalist, prowled the hallways, looking for a story that would be article worthy. She did not know that walking the halls of her school was a story that would change the world.


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