Why Me?:C.H.

This has cursing and what not. I hope you guys like it


10. sweet surprise

We took her to the movies and she got so excited. Then we took her to get pizza. She cried when we bought her the guitar. And when we went to the concert, she screamed, cried,and gave us all hugs and a kiss on the cheek. The concert was great. We even got to meet Billie Joe Armstrong. BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONG!!!! She cried and got his autograph. Then she fell asleep in the car. So after dropping the guys off, we went home and I carried her into her room. I laid her down and kissed her cheek. She grabbed my wrist."stay please." She said. So I laid down next to her and she cuddled into my chest and buried her head in my neck. "Layla." I said. "What Cal?" She asked. "Can I tell you something?" I asked.

"Sure. What's up?" She asked. "Um. This is hard for me to say. I,I,really like you Lay. Like I like,like you." I said. She kissed me on the lips. " I like you too Cal. Like I like like you." She said. I smiled. "Will you be my girlfriend?" I asked. "Yes." She said. I kissed her again and she fell asleep in my arms.

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