Why Me?:C.H.

This has cursing and what not. I hope you guys like it


9. planning

"So what should we do for her birthday?" I asked. "We should take her to the music store and let her pick out a guitar. We could all pitch in." Luke said. "Great idea." I said. "Then we should take her to eat pizza and watch the new TMNT movie." Michael said. "Sounds good. " I said. "And then we could take her to the Green Day concert that I got 5 tickets for on her birthday." Ashton said. "WHAT!!!! Yes Ash. This is gonna be great guys." I said. " so pizza and movie. Music store. Concert. In that order." Luke said. " I'll take her to the movies, you guys meet us there. Then we'll all take one car to the music store and to the concert. Make sure you wear Green Day stuff under something. We don't wanna make it to obvious." I said. "Sounds like a plan." Ash said. "Sounds great." Luke said. "Yayyyy!" Michael said.

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