Why Me?:C.H.

This has cursing and what not. I hope you guys like it


8. long talks

*at home*

Calum's POV

"Hey Layla can I talk to you?" I asked. "Sure Cal." She said. "Cal? Are we giving each other nicknames." I asked. " yeah sure!" Layla said. "Ok. Umm. Lay can I talk to you?" I questioned.

"Yeah Cal. What's up?" She asked. "Tell me you left your dad." I asked. She hesitated. "Um. He was abusive. He killed my mom and blamed it on someone else. I didn't have enough money at the time,so I saved money for 5 years. Then I left." She said while crying. I hugged her. " oh. Well tell me some stuff about you." I said. "Ok um. Well my full name is Layla Marie Donivan. I will be 18 on December 12th and uh. I love puppies and my favorite band is your band." She said. "Your birthday is in 2 weeks!!! What do you want?" I asked. "Um. Nothing." She said. "No seriously!" I said. "Um. I would like a new guitar. But that's way to expensive. So uh. Some new green day CDs and maybe some of your bands." She said. "Ok. I'll see what I can do." I said. "Tell me about you." Layla said. " Ok. Well my full name is Calum Thomas Hood. I'll be 19 on January 25th and my favorite band is Green Day." I said. " I love Green Day." She said. "Ok well let's go to bed." We went our separate ways and slept. Well she slept. I had a plan.

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