Why Me?:C.H.

This has cursing and what not. I hope you guys like it


4. her

Calum's POV

She was beautiful. Layla. Wow. She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. I want to know her. I invited her to a band rehearsal. I just hope the guys don't mess this up. I really like her. I'm so glad I decided to visit Mali in San Diego. Otherwise I wouldn't have met her. She is absolutely incredible. I was gonna be her friend. And then I was gonna be her boyfriend. I am so determined. I drove her home from the airport because her aunt couldn't make it for some reason. I watched her walk up the steps. She dropped to the ground and screamed. What the hell?! I ran up to her and grabbed her and held her.

Layla's POV.

my aunt was laying on the floor,dead. I felt strong hands grab me. It was Calum. "Shhh. It'll be okay." He said. "No it won't Calum. She was all I had left. My dad is abusive so I left him. My mom and grandparents are dead. I have no siblings. She was all I had." I barely managed to choked out. "Come live with me Layla. I will take care of you. It'll be okay." He said. "Are you sure. I mean. I can live here." I said between sobs. "I'm positive. Come on. Let's call the police and then go to my place." Calum said. "Ok." I said.

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