Sam is falling for two boys. Michael, a friend from her cousin's band. And Ashton, the new member in the band. They're both falling hard for her. But, no one knows and she has to keep the boys from finding out. She is oblivious to what will happen if they find out.


5. Night

"Okay, Sam. I think I'm gonna go home." It was 11:30 PM, we sat in my room together for a long time. "But do you have to?" I whined, dragging out the to. We had gotten to know each other really well in just a few hours, and maybe I was starting to fall for him. "I'll see you tomorrow, okay?" He kissed me on the forehead. I blushed. "Okay." He took my phone and put his number in. "Text me. Tonight, okay?" Before I responded he was already walking out. "Goodnight, love." He whispered in the sweetest voice and blew me a kiss. "Goodnight, Ash."

A few minutes after Ashton left, Luke was knocking on my door. "Come in!" I yelled. He walked in. "So, where'd you meet him?"

"Who?" I asked, knowing who he was talking about.

"Our new drummer!" He exclaimed.

"Mall. The guys still here?" I said back. "Yup."

He sat next to me on the bed. I ignored him and picked up my phone to text Ashton. I texted him. It said, "Hey!" I talked to Luke while I waited for an answer. "Did you have dinner?" I asked. "Nope. Pizza?" "Definitely." He jumped off the bed and went downstairs to order the pizza.

20 minutes later, the pizza came. Ashton still didn't text me back, but he read my message. I guess he fell asleep or something. Luke, Michael, Calum, and I sat on the couch together eating pizza. I was sitting next to Calum, with my head rested on his shoulder.

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