Sam is falling for two boys. Michael, a friend from her cousin's band. And Ashton, the new member in the band. They're both falling hard for her. But, no one knows and she has to keep the boys from finding out. She is oblivious to what will happen if they find out.


4. New Member

After we ate lunch, we left the mall. We walked to the bus stop together, and once again, grabbed my hand. I couldn't help but smile. His touch made my hands tingle and it shot through my body. It was silent. "You know, you're really beautiful." I blushed and looked at the ground. "I really don't think so, but thanks." I paused. "You're pretty cute yourself." He laughed quietly to himself. The bus came and we got on.

"Where to? Your place? My place?" Ashton questioned. "Mine, I guess." I responded. I waited for my stop then we got off the bus and walked back. I walked in the house, the door was unlocked.

"LUKE?" I yelled. "YEAH?" He shouted back, running up the stairs. He stopped when he saw Ashton.

"Luke, this is Ashton. Ashton, Luke." Ashton smiled and put out his hand for Luke to shake. "Nice to meet you." Luke quickly glanced at me and shook Ashton's hand. "You too." Luke said.

Ashton and I decided to go down to the basement with Luke. Calum and Michael were still there. "Guys, this is Ashton. Ashton, this is Calum and Michael." I said as I pointed to them. "HI!" Michael blurted out. "Hey." Calum said in a normal tone. "Hi, nice to meet you. What's all of this?" Ashton asked, looking at all their instruments. "We're in a band." Calum said. "You mind if I try that?" Ashton asked Michael, as he nodded at the guitar lying next to him on the couch. "Sure!" Michael exclaimed as he handed Ashton the guitar. He sat on a small stool and started to play. "You're pretty good." Calum said. "Yeah, thanks. I also know how to play drums." Luke and Michael looked at each other and smirked. "You thinking what I'm thinking?" Luke asked. "Yup." Michael said. "Are you good at drums?" Luke asked Ashton. He pulled out his phone, and looked through his videos. He handed the phone to Luke. The boys gathered and watched over Luke's shoulder. Calum looked up at Ashton. "So, you wanna be in our band?"

Ashton was silent. He looked over at me, then back at Calum. "Sure." Ashton said quietly and smiled. They barely even knew each other. "Cool. First practice is tomorrow at 4. Same place." Luke said, smiling. They needed a drummer for a while now. "I'll be here." Ashton said.

"Can we go upstairs now?" I asked Ashton. "Let's go!" He waved goodbye to the guys and we made our way upstairs.

I opened my bedroom door, "Well, this is it." I said as we walked into my dark blue painted room. "I like it." He walked over to my guitar. "You play, too?" He asked. "Yeah, Luke taught me. He's my cousin, by the way."

"That's cute," he picked the guitar up and held it out towards me, "play for me." I shoved it back towards him, "No, you play for me." He giggled and grabbed the guitar. He sat down next to me on my bed and started to play.

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