Sam is falling for two boys. Michael, a friend from her cousin's band. And Ashton, the new member in the band. They're both falling hard for her. But, no one knows and she has to keep the boys from finding out. She is oblivious to what will happen if they find out.


3. Lunch

We silently walked into the mall. I wish I could say it wasn't awkward, but it was. I wasn't very good in social situations, especially like this. He broke the silence as we walked in, "Do you wanna, uh, maybe get something to eat?" He asked, shyly.

"Sure. Where did you want to go?" He smiled, but didn't respond. Ashton walked away, looking back over his shoulder to make sure I was following. "It's on the other side of the mall." I just nodded. We started walking. "You sure your boyfriends not gonna be mad that I'm taking you out?" He asked, not looking at me but looking at the ground as he walked. "As if I had one." I responded. At that moment, he grabbed my hand. His was warm, but soft. "Okay?" I said as a question. "What? It's not like I'm trying to fuck you!" He exclaimed. I suppose he was right, we were just holding hands. It didn't mean anything.

Five minutes later we got to one of the few restaurants in the mall. It was Japanese. I was excited, I'd been craving Japanese food. "I couldn't have picked a better place." I smiled. He led me into the restaurant. It was dimly lit and filled with dark, but calming, colors. A petite Japanese lady welcomed us and lead us to a table for two. "This isn't a date." I said as we sat down. "I never said it was." Ashton smirked. We both laughed. He had a crazy laugh, it was adorable. When I heard it I couldn't help but smiling. He looked so adorable laughing. His huge smilie and his deep, deep dimples. He was the cutest boy I'd met since I moved. But, he seemed like that perfect kind of boy that you would fall in love with, then he would break your heart. But he seemed too sweet.

We sat there looking through the menu. I saw him keep glancing up and looking at me. He looked smilies a little and look embarrassed when I caught him looking. We ordered our food and it came about 15 minutes later. It wasn't that good, so Ashton offered me some of his. "I told you to order the other dish!" He said jokingly. We got the check and I said pay half. "I'd never make you pay." I smiled. My old boyfriend would always let me pay half.

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