The real world.

Hi I'm Krystal versh,also known as KV. and I haven't had the best luck. I'm going to school at Hillsbrooke high and I'm in year 11. I'm a typical tomboyish girl that always wares jeans and nirvana tank tops. Oh and I forgot to mention, I'm Michael Clifford's first cousin.


3. Starting Year 11

Krystal's POV


I was startled by my alarm "Great first day of year 11" I say to myself sarcastically.I Imdetly get up and have a shower I put on my school uniform and run down stairs to eat breakfast.

When I looked at the clock it was 7:55 so I walked out the door it was Tuesday so my big sister Sydney was going to drop me off. She has resently broken up with her boyfriend Brad which I am happy about they weren't right for each other.

~Skip car trip~

I got out of the car after saying good bye to Sydney and then ran into school grounds where I found Jaide, Emma and Layla. They saw and ran up to me and we all hugged and as soon as we broke our hug there was the four bullies Michael, Luke, Calum and Ashton.

"So how are the four school sluts today" Michael asked I rolled my eyes and replied with a " Good thank you" and walked away. "Hang on" Michael said " Aren't you gonna ask how we are" I turned around and flashes them an award winning smile and said " No" as politely as I could. "Wait" Ashton said " Isn't there usually five of you" "Yeah where's Alex" Luke said. No one answered and we all just walked away. When we went into the school office and saw Alex we all hugged her and went to class.

~Skip to end of day~

I was walking home along the beach just listening to music when I walked straight into the water I got my shoes and my legs wet and I had to run home to change my shoes.

When I got home and changed my shoes I got a text from Layla.

~ Layla: Hey were u the girl at the beach who just walked into the water and got her shoes wet?

~Krystal: Yeah😳😔

~Layla: Ok hey do u wanna come to mine for a sleepover

~Krystal: Sure been there in 10

~Layla: Kk

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