The real world.

Hi I'm Krystal versh,also known as KV. and I haven't had the best luck. I'm going to school at Hillsbrooke high and I'm in year 11. I'm a typical tomboyish girl that always wares jeans and nirvana tank tops. Oh and I forgot to mention, I'm Michael Clifford's first cousin.


4. Sleepover/Party Planning

Layla's POV

*Ding Dong*

Awesome krystals here I open the door to see Krystal on her phone she comes in we hug and go to my room. " Hey Krystal do u wanna plan your 17th party cause it's in like a week" I say

"Sure" she replys

She asks if I have invited the other girls I reply by saying that I currently am.

~Layla: Hey um do u guys wanna come over for a sleepover we can plan Krystals 17th as well it will be fun!

~Jaide: Sure I already have so many Ideas be there in 15😃

~Emma: Yeah Sure

~Alex: On my way

"Ok their on their way" I say to Krystal "Awesome I'm hungry" She says and with that she head downstairs. While we were waiting I was looking out the window when I notice four boys. I kept watching them until I realised that it was Michael, Luke, Calum and Ashton.

"Oh Shit" I mumbled to myself " The girls will be here soon"

I ran downstairs and told Krystal but by the time we got up to the window they had started to head off "Thank God"

About 10 mins later the girls where here and at about 11pm we had finished party planning shopping and everything.

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