The real world.

Hi I'm Krystal versh,also known as KV. and I haven't had the best luck. I'm going to school at Hillsbrooke high and I'm in year 11. I'm a typical tomboyish girl that always wares jeans and nirvana tank tops. Oh and I forgot to mention, I'm Michael Clifford's first cousin.


2. Hi, I'm Krystal

Hi, My name is Krystal Versh and I have brown hair, hazel/Green eyes, I practically live in Jean and tops and I love bands like Blink 182 and Green Day.

Ever since year nine Michael Clifford (My cousin) and his "gang" have bullied me and my best friend Alex, without reason.

Alex and I have known each other since year three and have always been best buds.

We always go shopping together and we even work together at surpé we do everything together and I couldn't imagine life without her.

At school I'm pretty well known I am not as popular as most and i still get bullied, but I have a large circle of friends.

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