The Lost Star

"Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field . .

I ' ll meet you there .

When the soul lies down in that grass

the world is too full to talk about"

- Rumi

Everyone remembers the sweet Venus . She glows like she had always .

On the other hand , Mars was a slacker .

Who knew that a glowing Venus could spin the fortune of a loser Venus ?

Who know Mars was worth - loving ?

And above all ,

Who knew Venus would would fell for Mars ?

(All the character and places in this novel are purely fictious . They are the work of the writer ' s imagination.)


2. New Home


Marcel ' s   P . O . V )


I was seven when we shifted to Briggs Town , sector A . . . A warm sunny day of August it was . Our old Cab swiftly rolled down the road on whose sides stretched a never - ending green belt of lush grass . Several yellow Hawkweeds were popping their heads out of it . They looked like yellow stars sprawled on a bed of lavish grass . . It was exuberant ! I never really notice such kind of things like nature and beauty and bla bla bla stuff , but right then , there was nothing to do , else gaze out of the window like an inspirational poet , thinking about the origin of the universe . 

Oh , well , anyways . 


I just hope we arrive as soon as possible , as my back is already aching by sitting in the midst of all these things . 


" Mom ! When will we get there ? " , I asked , with weariness in my voice . 


" About five minutes , be patient for a while ! " 


I groaned and closed my eyes for a while . 


" We are here ! " , said my Dad and killed the engine . 


Oh . My . Gosh ! 




Are we living here ! 




Infront of me , was a mighty elegant bungalow of a graceful green colour . It was surrounded by a neatly trimmed green hedge . It seemed like it had been made by some great architect . 



But what they say is true , nothing lasts forever . 


So does happiness . 



Someone shook my shoulders . . . my Dad . 


" Come now son ! We have work to do ! " , he said , heading towards the little house infront of the mighty one . 



" Ok . " , I murmured in response and got off the car . 



Dad had already gone in . 



Before going inside , I eyed the graceful green bungalow once again , taking in more and more . 



My sight slipped across the shiny silver reeling of its balcony . Before going further , I spotted two little white hands . 




I looked up and found a pair of hazel eyes looking at me . 


' Golden Crystal ! ' , that was all I could think . 



The girl wearing a pink stripe tee was observing me . She looked about my age . 


I was also held a bit captive for a while until I heard . . . 




" Marcel ! Will you be coming today ? " . . . my Mom . 

That voice was too much in this peaceful silence . I jumped ten feet from the ground as a reaction , shook my head , and went inside MY home . 



Heading down the street , I sensed the pair of hazel eyes still observing me . 




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