The Lost Star

"Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field . .

I ' ll meet you there .

When the soul lies down in that grass

the world is too full to talk about"

- Rumi

Everyone remembers the sweet Venus . She glows like she had always .

On the other hand , Mars was a slacker .

Who knew that a glowing Venus could spin the fortune of a loser Venus ?

Who know Mars was worth - loving ?

And above all ,

Who knew Venus would would fell for Mars ?

(All the character and places in this novel are purely fictious . They are the work of the writer ' s imagination.)


3. Insomnia


( Marcel ' s  P . O . V  ) 


Thank God , all the house has been set now . But the cost for it was one whole day . Also , there were , rather , very few things ; I mean we can afford necessaries of life , not accessories . 

So , everything ' s  done now . And I am worn out now . I think it is time to get some sleep . . . though it is not ; It ' s  only seven ! 

I entered MY room . Finally , I have my own personal room . 

In our last house , though it was also on rent , I had no personal room . That is we three : me , my mother , and my father , shared the same room . 

It feels so good to have your own room , doesn ' t  it ? 

I just thrashed on the bed , trying to get some sleep , though it was only seven . 




It has been two hours of twisting and turning . . . 

I just can ' t  sleep ! 

I was feeling a bit muzzy of all this condition and also hungry as I had not taken dinner . So , I tried to wake up . 

As I lifted myself up , surprisingly , it felt fresher than ever . Although , I did not even sleep . 



Great , no sleep today ! I groaned and my stomach growled . 



I don ' t  want to be groggy on the first day of my new school ! 


But  . . . Who wants to ? 


I opened the door of my room and looked around . 



No one is there . 



So they already slept . . .

Of course ! Mom and Dad would have been a hell lot tired after such a long day . 

And here is my status : can not sleep , and now eating the left over of today ' s  dinner . 



Maybe this insomnia is due to change of place , I thought while heading back to my room . 


So there is nothing to do , I sat down on my bed after closing the door behind me . Joy ! 


After a while , it got hot . 


Maybe that is because I just took dinner . . . I really don ' t  know that why one feels hot when they eat food . . . maybe it is because of all the muscular activities of the stomach . 



So , I opened the door of our little balcony to go there . 


Hey ! Did I mention that there is a tiny balcony with my room ? Well it is ! 



As I stepped in the balcony , a pleasantly cool gust of wind hit my face , minimizing all the possible chances to sleep tonight . 



I just decided to look around and enjoy the view of the beautiful city . Everything was cloaked with the silver moonlight . 



A few minutes passed . 




Now that is boring ! 





But sometimes boredom also helps one in sleeping . 




So , I decided to carry on . 



" Can ' t  sleep ? " , a soft velvety voice asked . 



I turned around to see a pair of hazel eyes watching me from the green balcony with the shiny silver reeling . 



There was the girl in pink ! 





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