Supernatural - The Fatal Message

[HIATUS]Sam and Dean Winchester investigate a case where emails and text messages usually coupled with a death threat if the request is not fulfilled seem to somehow live up to their deadly promise.

(Set to take place near the end of Season 2, between episodes "What is and What Should Never Be" and "All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 1")


1. The Premonition

      Two girls are in a small bedroom, the curtains are drawn and the room is lit by a single desk lamp. The oldest of them looks over the shoulder of the other and peers at the computer screen "Are you done yet?" she asks tiredly as her sister continues typing.

"Almost" answered the girl sitting at the computer chair who is typing furiously.

"Do you have to do this now? We're gonna be late!" she says impatiently as she paces around the room.

The girl pushes her hair out of her eyes "Five minutes"

"Alright" she sighs "If you don't come down soon, we're leaving without you"


   The girl shuts the door behind her leaving the girl at the computer in silence, a cold breeze passes through the room and the girl checks the window only to see it was closed. She let out a small laugh figuring she's imagining things and types one last sentence before she closes the computer. She got up to leave only to cry out in pain, she lifts her sleeve to see that the skin on her arm was completely peeling off. The cold sensation filled the room again and she yelled out in pain as her skin continued to peel, she falls to the floor with a thud, her blood staining the carpet she fell on.

   Meanwhile, a few towns over in a cheap motel room, Sam Winchester awakes with a start.


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