Supernatural - The Fatal Message

[HIATUS]Sam and Dean Winchester investigate a case where emails and text messages usually coupled with a death threat if the request is not fulfilled seem to somehow live up to their deadly promise.

(Set to take place near the end of Season 2, between episodes "What is and What Should Never Be" and "All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 1")


3. The Email

 About an hour later they arrived at the house. They exited the impala dressed in cheap suits with their fake FBI badges in their pockets. The approached the crime scene stepping under the caution tape the cops let them in after seeing their badges. In the room, they preformed the usual drill. 

Dean scoffed "Nothing" he looked around the room. Sam crossed the room to the girl's computer and searched through her emails.

"Maybe she pissed off someone powerful, you know, could be a curse"

"I already checked for cursed objects" Dean said

"Not necessarily an object" Sam said not taking his eyes off the screen

"Then what" Dean said as he crossed the room to where Sam was "Hang on scroll back"


"I though I saw something scroll back"

Sam obeyed and Dean pointed to one particular email titled 'DON'T READ THIS'

"Well that's not suspicious" Sam said clicking on the email. he let out a small laugh "It's just a chain email.. hang on" 

Dean let out a small laugh "So the email threatened the all her skin would peel off and it did. Since when did this stuff ever actually work.'

"It doesn't, makes you think why this time it did." Sam said.

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