Supernatural - The Fatal Message

[HIATUS]Sam and Dean Winchester investigate a case where emails and text messages usually coupled with a death threat if the request is not fulfilled seem to somehow live up to their deadly promise.

(Set to take place near the end of Season 2, between episodes "What is and What Should Never Be" and "All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 1")


2. The Case

      Sam sits up in his bed abruptly, still breathing hard he remembers what he had just seen. He quickly went over the vision in his mind slowly processing what he had just witnessed. Sam put his had to his forehead and rubbed it as the headache subsided. He looks over beside him to see his brother was still asleep, he falls back into his bed causing it to creak. The only sounds in the room were of the sound of the springs in the mattress creaking as Dean shifted in his sleep and that of Sam's heavy breathing that was growing more steady by the second. Awoken from the sudden noise Dean sat up in his bed sighed and looked towards Sam. "Nightmare?" asked Dean.

"Kind of" Sam said as he stared at the ceiling.

"Then what?" Dean said as he  "Is it another one of your visions?"


"Yeah? What then, is there a case?"

"Dean, can you give me a moment? I'm still kind of processing here" Sam said slightly exasperated.

Dean laughed "Sorry man, it's just kind of strange. You know, you seeing these visions.."

"Believe me, I know" breathed Sam.


   The following morning came and was greeted with Sam immediately trying to find out more about the girl who he saw die.

"Found anything?" asked Dean closing the motel door behind him.

Sam shook his head "Not yet" 

"Well, I have" Dean tossed his brother a rolled up newspaper which Sam immediately opened to read the article on the front page.

 "23 Year Old Kaylee Woodley was found skinned in her own bedroom, no sign of a break in and her sister and some friends were actually waiting for her right outside the house" Dean said as Sam read through the article "Is this what you saw in your vision or whatever?"

Sam nodded "Yeah this is it" He put the newspaper on the coffee table "So, what do you think did this? Sounds kind of witchy to me"

"Yeah, definitely witchy.. I freaking hate witches, well get ready and we can check out the crime scene, look for hex bags, EMF, the usual drill."


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