From the Inward Eye

This is my entry for "The Epic Poeticness Poetry Competition". :)


1. Topic: New Beginnings


Breaking Through


I am bound by heavy chains,
Chains of broken swings
The dark room I am in,
Broke my healthy wings.
It has clasped me
In its fierce claws
And now I can't see 
Even if there are anymore laws. 


The heaviness,
Oh, it's hard to bear
I try choking my breath
But I promised 
I will take care, 
I won't wreak the life I'll miss
Even if someone already did.


I fall on my knees,
Giving up after
All the pain I felt
And had to bear 
While struggling in vain
For something,
But no one cares.


Just then, 
A speck of light
Creeps through a crack
The dusty ray,
Falls on my feet, now slack
Calling me by my name
Trying to lift me up,
From this gloomy game.

Taking the warm hand,
I get up with high hopes
But then I realise
I am bound by ropes
Of the tight and heavy chains.


The warmth tells me
Not to stop,
"But I can't move," I say.
"Don't lose hope,
Please come this way."


Clasping his hand,
I move forward
Wishing I could elope
With him from this place
And I won't give up,
If I'm still in this race
I would walk faster,
Increasing my pace.


Suddenly, the chains crack,
Its cracking lullaby
Echoes in this hollow rack.


My feet lift,
Taking a bigger step,
And they rift
The ground that kept
My strength away from me
It's my turn now
To make marks on it
And I somehow
Stab my feet in it
Making it feel the pain I felt
When I was known to be a misfit.


The warmth of his hands,
Supporting when I fall
The warmth of his hand
Bringing me up
When I crawl.


Another step I take,
Not my biggest mistake
Because then,
The chains finally break.


I look up at the sky,
At the dancing auroras 
Waving me goodbye,
Singing their fake silent lullaby.


Another step forward,
And my heart will prance
Under the lovely light,
My feet will dance,
Embracing me in
A whole new trance.

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