From the Inward Eye

This is my entry for "The Epic Poeticness Poetry Competition". :)


2. Topic: Giving up something you love

Secrets Burying Me


I don't have

a heartless soul,

a fearless mind,

But there's something

Which will always be mine.

Locked up in a dark place

Deep inside

The labyrinth of my mind

There lies my secret 

And you have forever been blind

Not to see what I hide.

I blind you more

With my secret illusions 

But my heart gets sore

Because it's my delusion

That I will be content

By hiding everything.

The letters of secrets

Fly out of the box

Hovering over my head

Hovering around me

Burying me deep into the ground.

I took hold of my secrets

But now it takes hold of me

And climbs on my back

To stay forever with me. 


Your eyes delve into mine,

Looking for answers ,

My secret is my history

Implanted in my heart

I'm sorry I can't tell you

Something which is beloved to me.


But sometimes

Wounds are opened again

And it starts to bleed out

The poisonous blood that didn't drain

Out of your soul,

Trapped inside,

Gulping all your tranquility.


I have to be rigid,

But it's hard

I have to be strong,

But I'm not

I have to keep a secret,

But I'm not God.


There's no point in hiding now

I give all my secrets

And you give all your love

Or else I would be buried beneath

Under all the secrets 

That I've always kept with me.


But it's time now

To give up all I had,

To give up my history

And to solve the mystery

Which entangled your mind


Now the answers are with you

The answer is my secret

Which I just told you.


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