From the Inward Eye

This is my entry for "The Epic Poeticness Poetry Competition". :)


4. If music is love expressed


Perfect Song

If music is love expressed
Then I'm nothing,
But an untuned guitar,
Which gets tuned for a while,
And then the beats
Turn the keys,
Back to where they were.

The whispering music,
Goes on for a while,
Soothing my messed up mind,
Stretching my frown into a smile.

The waves of emotion,
Dance in air
And the major chord,
Dominates the despair,
Ensconced deep in our hearts,
Invisible ,
And with the songs, rare.

But then the fingers
Slip to a minor,
And the pain it lingers
All around our sober heads
The trance slowly slips away, 
As the song goes off tune,
And our hands that once together swayed
Are now still and apart.

If music is love expressed
Then my song has already ended,
Even before it started,
But then that day
Isn't so far away,
Even though the journey to reach it is long,
When in the gamut of covert tunes
I'll find my perfect song.

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