Forbidden Love

sometimes prefect can be overwhelming sometimes prefect is not what you want sometimes prefect can be boring and that's what i wanted people to understand I didn't want this prefect life boring life I thought no one understood me till I found alexis who turned my life completely upside down


1. character info

Alyssa Cristal Espinal

Alyssa is 16 years old has long blondish brownish curly hair she is 5'1 in height she has caramel eye color and she is a tan skin color she is Dominican but born and grew up in Philadelphia pa she is in 10th grade in Olney C high school she and her bestfriend  Yasmely camil who is also 16 years old they have been bestfriends since they were little because their moms are bestfriend since they were little ,Alyssa is daughter of the famous Spanish rapper Israel EP 'la esencia'  and her mother is a every known doctor Ashley, even tho she has a lot of money and she is one of the most popular girls in school she is very nice and friendly to every one she gets along with everyone and has very good grades your normall good girl u would think but don't get her wrong she does her bad things as well

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