Forbidden Love

sometimes prefect can be overwhelming sometimes prefect is not what you want sometimes prefect can be boring and that's what i wanted people to understand I didn't want this prefect life boring life I thought no one understood me till I found alexis who turned my life completely upside down


8. 7 forbidden love

"What are we doing later " asked yasmely as we walked down to the lunch room "i don't know" i said i didn't feel like talking to be honest alexis was being weird with me :/ i texted him last night telling him to hung out with me and yasmely today and he read it and didn't reply and this morning he didn't text me good morning like everyday i texted him and he read it and didn't reply :( he didn't wait for me at my locker or didn't go to class I don't know if to be sad or mad right now 😪😪 im just confused to be honest


"If you want go to the table i have to stop and talk with alexis " i said "ard hurry up i don't want to be alone with jay" she begged i nodded and walked to alexis table he was looking down at his phone the boys at the table looked at me surprise and confuse as why i was standing at there table "what the fuck is your problem" i said angrily at alexis he looked up at me "i don't know what you talking about " he said making me get even more angry

" don't play dumb with me . why the fuck u didn't go to class and why have u been ignoring me I texted you 2 times'' I snapped trying not to say to much ''I didn't see your massage'' he said ''BULLSHIT  you read it alexis and u didn't reply'' I snapped again he looked at the table ''you know what do what ever u want I don't care fuck you'' I said and started walking way when Jacob got in my way I looked at him he seem mad

'' my question is why the fuck where u over there'' he said coldly  '' I was talkin g to my friend'' I said ''u seem to forget u have a boyfriend '' he said ''what ? I didn't I wasn't doing anything  wrong and trust me I know very well that I have a boyfriend but that doesn't mean I cant have friends '' I said getting mad

''I wasn't talking about today Alyssa im not stupid I know u been blowing me off and being with alexis'' he said I forze in place ''w-w-what'' ''yeah what , listen to me if u don't want to see your little friend hurt badly I don't want to see or hear that u been around him I don't want him to be around u youre MY GRILFRIEND MINES ! and u know I don't have to think twice to hurt someone  i'll kill u both before u cheat on me " he said to be hurting my wrist he was holding it way to hard "Jacob let me go your hurting me" I begged "im gonna hurt u more if I ever see you talking to him again" he said letting me go and putting his arm around me making me walk with him to the table he scares me

Alexis p.o.v

I felt so bad for ignoring her is just that i don't want to do some stupid shit that will mess up our friendship i really do like her but i know she has a boyfriend and being her friend is the only way I'm going to be close to her and last night i almost kissed her and i just don't want to make things weird between us

"Dude what was all that about" asked Michael i just looked at him "dude we told you don't get close to her we warned you to be careful that girl is trouble with out even knowing it" he said i rolled my eyes "he doesn't deserve her " i said "but he has her so leave her alone before u get in trouble bro" Michael said

It was true Alyssa was angle to be with that animal that asshole i looked over to her table and found that she was already looking at me we made eye contact i could see she was mad with me and hurt i looked away and took my phone out i looked for her name and started typing

Im sorry , i really am sorry for ignoring you

Its just that look Alyssa i really really like you like a lot

And this is the first time i feel the way

I do for a girl and i just don't know

How to handle it , this is so unlike me

When I'm near you i feel

Good i feel like nothing can stop me

I feel loved and it kills me that you cant

Be mine and i know u told me from

The start u had a boyfriend but

U cant tell the heart who to like

My Heart chose you and some how

U made me feel things i never

Have felt for other girls

And i feel so stupid for what happen

last night i couldn't help myself

Your just so beautiful and prefect

But i don't want to say all this

Over text i wanna see you later

Again I'm sorry princess

I watched her as she took out her phone and looked down at it i watched how my text went from SENT to READ i looked over to her again and we made eye contact but she looked away quickly she put her phone away and didn't reply I chose to believe she didn't reply because Jacob was there not because she was mad at me and i don't blame her she had every right to be mad but i just wanted to stop myself from hurting our friendship

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