Forbidden Love

sometimes prefect can be overwhelming sometimes prefect is not what you want sometimes prefect can be boring and that's what i wanted people to understand I didn't want this prefect life boring life I thought no one understood me till I found alexis who turned my life completely upside down


7. 6.forbidden love

i cant believe i almost kissed him what is wrong with me he is my friend i don't want to ruin that we have an amazing friendship and most importantly i have a boyfriend i cant cheat on  Jacob he is an angle with me he never has done anything to hurt me and oh my god i have been blowing off my boyfriend to hung with ale omg im a horrible person is it wrong that part of me wanted that kiss to happen ? oh my god  !! what am i saying of course its wrong , but how can something so wrong feel so right ugh  i stopped in front of Yasmely's house and got off my car i walked up to her front door and opened it im practically family i walked all the way up to her room and walked in

"baby , whats wrong'' i asked worried once i saw her curled up crying on her bed i lay beside her "i cant take it no more Alyssa i cant " she said looking at me with the tears streaming down her eyes ''what up tell me u know i wont judge you u know u can count on me and im always here for u your my sister'' i said ''i know ... its that im having problems with jay i cant be with him no more aly i cant take it no more im tried of his shit he is always yelling at me he is so jealous he doesn't let me take to any one everything i do he has a problem with no boy can come near me cuz he turns hulk on them  but when i say something about him and girls he makes me feel bad some how im always the one saying sorry and i just cant im tried and he says he loves me and i don't know '' she said as more tears ran down her eyes

''baby that's horrible , why don't you just break up with him u cant be under that pressure u cant live like that . that's not a relationship honey that's not love ''i said hugging her ''i..just .. i cant because i tried and he tried to slap me and im scared  '' she said breaking down i didn't know what to say so i just hugged her tight close to me ''oh my god honey u cant live like that bb u cant'' i said ''what am i suppose to do i cant break up with him he is going to hurt me '' she cried ''let him go slowly honey'' i said ''that's a good idea but. he scares me aly'' she said

''look i have to tell you something'' i said looking at the bed ''whats wrong'' she said looking at me i took a deep breath and told her everything about alexis  mainly cuz i knew she wont judge me and i felt horrible for lying to her ''aww that's so cute but Jacob  he is your boyfriend" " i know that is why i feel so guilty " "do u like alexis" ''to be honest i don't know im confuse i think i do'' i said she hugged me

''but i told you this to see if u wanted to hung out with us tomorrow after school him and his friend jeudy he is super funny and adorable plus it will help u cheer up so do u"  "yeah sure'' she said ''yey let me text him and let him know


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