Forbidden Love

sometimes prefect can be overwhelming sometimes prefect is not what you want sometimes prefect can be boring and that's what i wanted people to understand I didn't want this prefect life boring life I thought no one understood me till I found alexis who turned my life completely upside down


6. 5. forbidden love

3 weeks later

"your so stupid just stop no stop talking" i said laughing holding my stomach "its true i swear" he said "let me do my work " i said "fine be that way ....what number one"  i turned to look at him and laughed "your special alexis u really are " " don't say it like that you make it sound like if i was stupid " he said i laughed its been 3 weeks since i meet this  dork and we have gotten so close the past weeks he always has me laughing  he is so stupid and sweet and adorable when im around him i always have a smile on my face he is always making sure im ok and i feel good and always telling me how pretty or smart i am , we have gotten to know each other better and he is such a mommas boy but he is tough and a bad boy always cutting class or school but he is a total love he also has anger issues

"do did you get your car fixed" he asked "yes" i said with a smirk "great so now u can help me with  my math homework what u say my house around 4" he said "i don't know ale i have things to do i just cant drop everything" i said lying i just need to spend time with Jacob i have been blowing him off this past week to hung out with alexis and if finds out he will kill me and ale "like what " "spend time with my friends" i said in a duh voice "come on 3 hours that's all i ask for " he begged "i , fine " i said giving up because a part of me really wanted to hung out with him  " oh ard ! see you later love" he said kissing my cheek and walking out the class room i laughed and walked down to the lunch room

''YASMELY" i yelled " look who finally remember we are alive" she said "im sorry bb but u know when my dad come back i block out everything and everyone" i said lying "yeah but this time i was worse '' she said ''im sorry ''  i said hugging her "so can we hung out today" she asked "yeah just after 7 cuz im going down town at 4 with dad " i said lying again "of course u are and ok i guess beats nothing" she said "i love you tho" i really felt



"ok im here  u got 3 hours starting now" I  said looking at my clock "your playing right'' he said "No now lets start cuz yasmley is waiting for me" i said he rolled his and opened the front door of his house "mom we home"he yelled is we alexis you always bring on of your little friends and u guys destroy my house i- oh hello" i smiled "mom this is Alyssa and Alyssa this is my mom" he said "nice to meet you mrs. Rodriguez " i said shaking her hand "o0h no please call me Hannah and its nice to see that you finally bring a girl home for me to meet nice to you u 2 honey u are beautiful " said Hannah "thanks" i said blushing "mom stop  we're just friends" sad alexis "oh ok im sorry then" she said and walked upstairs


"im tried lets take a snack break" alexis begged "fine'' i said getting up behind him and walking to the kitchen i sat on top of the counter and looked at him looking for food "wanna make pancakes" he asked "eww pancakes at 3 afternoon " i said "i want pancakes " he begged "fine" i said and got down to help him get the stuff he needed  i was struggling to open the bag of flour when i did well lets just say half of the bag was now on alexis instead of the blow i tried so hard not to laugh "ops im sorry" i said still trying not to laugh

''ard it fine let me just-'' and just like that he took a hand full of flour and threw it on me  "oh .my . god" was the only thing i said before u know it  this became a flour fight me screaming and running away him trying to catch me he put his hands around my whist and lift me up '' i got you'' he said "put me down  '' i screamed laughing and kicking he threw me on the couch and getting on top of me and holding both my hands over my head "let me goo" i said "if you tell me im sexy" he said "never" i said he started tickling me "noo please stop " i said laughing "say it " "fine your sexy " i said still laughing he stopped tickling and soon i stopped laughing

we made eye contact "alexis" "yeah" "your're still no top of me" i said "oh yeah sorry i got lost in your eyes" he said making me blush he got off of me and helped me get up "look i have flour all over now" i said "let me help you with that" he said putting more flour on my hair  my mouth made and o form :(:0) he started laughing and ranning i chased him and we both felled on the carpet but this time i was on top of him we didn't say nothing just  look in eachother eyes then our faces got closer more then they should be our lips got closer but i stoped my self "im sorry i got caught up in the moment" he said "its fine me 2 but just remember we're just friends and i have a boyfriend " i said reminding myself more then him '" i know im sorry " i think i should go" i said and got my stuff

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