Forbidden Love

sometimes prefect can be overwhelming sometimes prefect is not what you want sometimes prefect can be boring and that's what i wanted people to understand I didn't want this prefect life boring life I thought no one understood me till I found alexis who turned my life completely upside down


5. 4. forbidden love

i woke up to the sound of music effects i guess my dad is in the studio yes we have a mini studio my dad is all about his work even if he not on tour which its annoying sometimes , i looked at the time 12:30 pm i rolled my eyes and got up opening the shades i wanna have a lazy day today , i didn't even notice when i went to sleep last night i undressed my self and grabbed my towel covering myself and walking to the bath room i turn the hot water on and turn just a little bit the cold water i let the warm water it my body

i walked out the shower with a towel in my hair and the other covering my body i heard voices downstairs my dad's and some other boys i walked to my room and put on my underwear and bra  i walked in to my closet and looked for my joggers the black ones  i looked for my white tank top with a batman sign on it  i left my hair curly wet but tied it up in a messy pony tail there  was no need for make up or to wear my contacts so i justed put my glasses on ,yes i wear glasses, and walked downstairs "hey daddy'' i yelled he looked up and smiled "Hey honey"  "hey tio " i said to  my uncle elmi i had a long time i didn't see him "my lord your big u look just like your mother when she had your age even the outfit its like you are her " he said hugging me "thanks " i said smiling and blushing a little "im her father she has to be cute" said my dad making me laugh "she looks more like me so its thanks to me she is pretty" said my mom walkin in the room "hey mom" i said she sat on my dad's lap an dhe kissed her cheek i cant believe that they still have that spark that look in their eyes when they look at each other after all these years i want a relationship like that after 24 years of being together they act like they only have been together for weeks i want that

my phone rang it was Jacob

one the phone


Jacob: hey bb didn't call me last night i was worry

me:yeah i was with my dad and did a couple things time flew and i totally forgot sorry love

him:its fine babygirl what are you doing today

me; well my uncle is here haven't seen him a in a while my dad wants to go to the mall like a family shit of something like that i really don't know

him; i miss you honey but its fine your busy

me; me 2 but um listen i have to talk to u later my dad is waiting for me ill text u tonight ok?

him: i guess i have no choice i love you

me;ok bye me 2

i felt bad for lying to him but i don't know i just didn't want to hung out with him today i wanted to be alone but if i told him that he wouldn't have understand me and i don't know i just didn't feel like talking to him right now im complicated "who was that honey" asked my mom "umm" " is it who i think it is " "yeah" "owowo stop talking in codes" said my dad making me smile i love my mom she understands me so much she can  read my mind i swear my phone went off again a text alert  i looked at the phone and smiled as  i read the text

Hey Princess ,how are you i woke up and you were the first thing in my mind and i said hey why not text her why not see what she is doing today because if the answer to that is nothing

we need to chill and if u cant we need to talk on facetime because i miss you

me : your so cheesy i swear and well no im not doing nothing but i kinda wanted to have a lazy day today and bout the facetime thing i have no make up on and i look a mess no way in hell sorry alexis

alexis; COME ON don't be that way i don't care how u look i just want to  talk to u please please pretty please you have me begging

me: um let me think about it , No lol we can talk over text plus im with my dad and tio and mom

alexis: please its not the same please

me; fine but u are gonna be surprise how ugly i look and i swear if u laugh at me i will kill you anda en tren oh tu anda apie

alexis; lol yea i understand





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