Forbidden Love

sometimes prefect can be overwhelming sometimes prefect is not what you want sometimes prefect can be boring and that's what i wanted people to understand I didn't want this prefect life boring life I thought no one understood me till I found alexis who turned my life completely upside down


4. 3. forbidden love

''DADDY!!!'' I yelled as I open the door looking for him everywhere "looking for someone" he said from behind me I turned around and jumped on him "daddy omg I missed your so much '' I said hugging him tight ''I missed you to honey how u been'' he asked  putting me down and kissed me on the head '' I been good school is great I joined glee club and im the captain and I want to get in some dance classes'' I said proud of myself  ''that's good honey'' he said I went on and on about what was going on my life these last 5 months  and he listened I loved my dad he would listen to me all day if he had to the only thing is he never knew what to say so I would always go to my mom for advice  ''so how is that boyfriend of yours '' he asked I laughed ''dad I know u don't like him u don't have to ask me for him '' I said ''of course I don't like him he is dating my little girl I will never like any boy that comes near you'' he said I laughed ''well  he is good dad '' I said he rolled his eyes ''where is mom'' I asked ''she is at work I have to pick her up in 10 minutes '' he said looking at his clock ''can I come'' '''no because I have a surprise for her and u cant be there '' he said ''oh fine be that way then '' I said he laughed and kissed my head and walked out side

I walked upstairs and into my room and closed the door I took  off my shoes and threw myself on my bed just then my phone rang I looked at it text alert from unknow number


hey there beautiful


who is this



my heart skipped a beat when I read the name alexis how he got my number and why do I get so nervous around him should I reply what are we going to talk about anyways there is nothing I don't know him but I could get to know him I have a boyfriend I need to remember that


oh hey alexis listen I don't feel like texting so I text u later


damn hbu we talk on facetime


um ok sure


on face time

"hey princess'' he said when I picked up ''hi how u got my number '' I asked it was a little bit weird ''that's for me to know for you to find out'' he smirked at me ''stalker much '' I said laughing ''its not consider a stalker if you realy wanted to get to know this girl but she was to busy so u can ask personally '' he said I blushed a little ''well I would have gave it to u but u never asked and I just met you today I wasn't gonna be like so heres my number call me maybe'' I said laughing at my own joke ''it wasn't funny at all '' he said laughing ''then why are u laughing'' I asked with a smirk ''your cute thinking your joke was funny ''  I rolled my eyes ''so lets get to know each other I already know something about u u don't know how to tell jokes'' he said ''hahah your so funny , not , jerk '' I said playing around ''I am not a jerk anything but that '' ''why u move to our school'' ''got kicked out my old school''

''oh so your a bad boy '' I said laughing ''you could say that '' he said  ''oh ok then what you though u was cool with your VRSC '' I said ''oh you know about bikes '' ''a thing or two'' I said laughing ''how u know I had a bike'' he asked ''I saw you when I was driving out the school parking lot'' I said ''yeah and im the stalker '' he said making me laugh ''shut up mines is different'' i said

one hour later


''I  like talking to you'' I said he smirked ''thanks I like talking to u 2 '' ''ur sweet and adorable'' ''oh no u didn't u didn't just called me adorable I am  not '' he said making me laugh '' this is the most I have laughed since forever'' I said ''forever is a long time '' he said I rolled my eyes ''no really I didn't know ''  ''I just remember I didn't ask u a very important question'' he said ''what is it'' ''do u wanna be friends'' he said with a smirk making me start laughing ''ur so stupid I swear ''  I said still laughing  ''your laugh Is so cute just like you '' he said making me blush ''awwww stop im not cute at all i just get extra for school but if u see me like the real me u wouldn't say im cute'' i said ''i don't believe that i think you would look cute no matter what '' he said ''omg stop it your gonna make me blush '' i said covering my face making him laugh '' i have to go my dad got home and i need to eat and shower nice talking to u and getting to know u'' i said ''same princess and ill text u later '' he said

'' honey we're home'' yelled my mom ''coming'' i yelled i don't know if  talking with alexis is wrong but i join talking to him he makes me laugh even tho i met him today but he seems cool i just know that Jacob is gonna have a problem with this i mean im not doing anything wrong we are just friends


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