Forbidden Love

sometimes prefect can be overwhelming sometimes prefect is not what you want sometimes prefect can be boring and that's what i wanted people to understand I didn't want this prefect life boring life I thought no one understood me till I found alexis who turned my life completely upside down


3. 2. forbidden love

Alexis p.o.v

I watched her walk away and turned around to walk to the lunch room "yo ale wait for me " yelled Michael "nah bruh I see you down at the lunch room im hungry '' I yelled back laughing ''asshole'' he yelled back I may be 'new' but I already had my people here im only new to the teachers and some students but im meanly cool with everyone michale caught up to me and hit me on the head making me laugh " u had to ran to catch up to me '' I said with a smirk ''shut up'' we got to the lunch and sat with the guys just then my eyes caught the long curly brown hair Alyssa I smiled and looked at her sitting at her table not far away from mines laughing with her friends she really is beautiful her smile is very nice "look who has a little crush isn't that cute who u looking at bruh '' said james ''no one '' I said ''oh don't tell me is Alyssa '' he said ''shut up'' I said ''it is '' he yelled getting people to look over at our table I rolled my eyes and looked Alyssa's direction just to find myself making eye contact with her I send her a small smile making her look away and blush ''dude Alyssa Is off limits for u and everyone else'' said drake I looked at him '' and why is that '' ''her boyfriend is the captain of the wrestling team and is every jealous and I mean I don't blame him Alyssa is a hottie one of the most cute girls in school like her body damn her face damn I mean she is prefect and u don't want problems with him just leave her alone'' he said I rolled my eyes ''man fuck him I don't give a fuck he can be captain of the legion for all I care if I want to talk to her I will im not scared of some punk ass nigga he got beef with me he can tell me'' I said ''thas whats up '' yelled james giving me a high five drake rolled his eyes "yo mike I need a favor'' I yelled walking away from the table ''whats up bro'' he said ''I need you to help me get information about someone'' I said ''ard say no more u know im your guy I know everything about everyone '' he said


Alyssa p.o.v

''omg you drunk my soda now buy me a new one ass hole'' I yelled at Jamie making the guys laugh ''your such a baby it was only a little bit'' he said ''im  not a baby your a baby baby '' I yelled he laughed ''see '' ''ard say no more stand up ,we about to fight '' I said getting up ''omg im soo scared'' he said sarcastically ''you should be'' said Jacob getting up behind me ''ard ard ard '' he said putting his hand up in defeat I laughed and kissed Jacob ''ewww no PDA get a room'' yelled jay ''u mad cuz u get none'' I said sticking my tongue out at him ''burn ' yelled the guys laughing ''yasmely u gonna let them disrespect me like that '' he said ''leave my bae alone Alyssa '' said my bestfriend laughing I poked my tongue out at her 2 making her laugh ''your such a child '' she said ''u still love me tho'' I said ''I do''she said kissing my cheek making me giggle. "I'm getting jealous " said Jacob i laughed "of what " "yasmely" he said i started laughing "she is my number one bae i love her more then any thing any one" i said "BRUN" yelled jay making everyone laugh "honey u do know she talking about your girlfriend " said Jacob to jay making me laugh.

My phone rang and i looked for it in my bookbag it was a text from my dad


Hey baby girl i miss you a lot see you when u get home oh yeah that reminds me I'm home 😂🙈😘 see you here honey love you so much

Omg my dad is home i cant believe him i havent seen him in so long 5 long months and counting I'm such a daddy's girl but i dont care i love my dad "yasmely my dad is back " i said she hugged me "thats so good bb girl " she said "I'm going home i talk to you guys later " i said hugging them all and kissing Jacob "I'll call you later honey" said Jacob i nodded and walked towards the door I'm gonna see my dad I'm gonna see my dad 😍😍





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