Forbidden Love

sometimes prefect can be overwhelming sometimes prefect is not what you want sometimes prefect can be boring and that's what i wanted people to understand I didn't want this prefect life boring life I thought no one understood me till I found alexis who turned my life completely upside down


2. 1.forbidden love

"ok settle down please take your seats" said mr colin every one sat down " we have a new student his name is Alexis Rodriguez please make him feel like at home "  when he said that I looked up and a tall boy caught my eye he was tall I mean tall he had brown curly hair like mines he was light skinned and I loved the way he dressed he has black joggers with the air Jordan 11 black and red high  and a red shirt with a heat's hat, his eyes met mines and I quick looked away blushing a little I felt his stare at me and smiled he had light brown eyes lighter then mines he was beautiful well at least I thought he was "mr rodriguez please take a seat behind ms.espinal , ms.espinal please rise your hand so he knows who u are" said mr colin I did as told then took out my note book and started doing my work watching him make his way over to me and sit right behind me  should I turn and say hi ?

"um excuse me you have a pencil I can use " a deep voice asked I froze in my spot omg he talked to me his voice sounds soo sexy god what am I saying Alyssa control your self "um.yeah.sure let give me a minute " I said with hesitation clearly in my voice he laughed a little I turned to hand him the pencil making our hands touch I looked down at our touching hands and up at him just to find him looking  at me we made eye contact for a few seconds till a pulled away and looked away blushing "thanks um I didn't catch your name" "Alyssa"  "well thanks Alyssa that's a beautiful name by the way" he said with a smile prefect smile just like him  well he looked prefect I smiled back "thanks"  I said and turned to do my work


the bell rang I started packing up my stuff he walked out the class I guess he left already I gathered my stuff and walked out only to be surprise to see him standing against the wall looking at me "took you long enough" he said with a smirk "excuse me"  "I forgot to give you your pencil back" he said handing me the pencil making our hands touch again making me feel something stranger in my stomach I pulled away slowly "um thanks" I said he smiled at me with that prefect smile god ! "ALYSSA" someone yelled making me come back from my daydream "Jacob" I said getting a little scared "come on I been waiting your taking forever we late" he said "um nice meeting you alexis see you around " I said and walked over to my boyfriend who seemed pissed off "whats up" I asked "Jamie got jumped and we need to find out who it was but couch doesn't want us to get trouble " he said I hugged him and he gave me a quick kiss on the lips "come on baby we have to go" he said grabbing my hand

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