My Sister's Cancer

This is my point of view of the events following the diagnosis of my younger sister's cancer.
From December to May.


5. February 2014

February 2014

Time passed and I envied my sister even more. Rare were the moments when people would ask ME how I went. It was always: “How’s your sister?” and I’d always reply, “She’s doing great! She’s reacting well to the chemo treatments,” whilst asking myself why I counted for less.

Towards the end of the month, Emilie returned to school. I decided to act like a proper older sister and supported her. At the end of her first day, she came back home crying. Things hadn’t really changed since her departure: the other students still wouldn’t go see her to be her friend. I realised that younger people are really unkind. I mean, one of them deliberately said: “Oh Emilie’s super nice, but she can’t be with us because the gangs are already made.” Like seriously?! What is wrong with her?! 

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