What happens when hands and bodies start coming up from the ground? AN APOCALYPSE. That's what happens.



It was a day like any other at Kat's school.

She went to Chorus, FACS, and Social Studies like normal.

However, when she went to English, everything changed.

As soon as she got to school, Kat knew something was off. Thermal and Ferret were both maniacally laughing at each other while Georgia looked possessed. Every time Billy tried to talk to her, she'd just stare harder, her icy blue eyes piercing through her soul. Jas and Krissy just sat, a bit more normal than the others. They didn't speak at all, or breathe much from what Kat saw.

But it wasn't just Jas, Krissy, Thermal, Ferret, and Georgia that acted weird... A lot of people did. 

The air was chilly on the way to the trailer where English class was held. Jas and Krissy continued their eerie silence, which was easily replaced by Thermal and Ferret's laughter and Georgia's occasional angry hissing at Billy. Poor Billy. I mean, all she wants to do is make sure everyone's okay! Kat pulled Billy along and sat next to her in the paired desks, honestly to afraid to sit next to the others.

All during class the other's acted the odd way they had been all morning. Then, when they went to lunch, the girls went back to normal. Georgia started laughing and being funny as usual, Ferret and Thermal went back to singing rock songs, and Jas and Krissy went back to chattering.


How did their odd behavior change so abruptly?

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