New Life, New Beginning ~ON HOLD~

Madison Rose Mortez is a 16-year-old girl. She was originally born in Australia but moved to England with her family when she was 4. She has been raised with her 2 siblings her older twin sister Tahlia and her older brother Jordan. (17)

Madison has being bullied by certain people who she used to call her best friends, Carmen and her little group of friends. It had all started ever since her new best friend Lexie had moved to her school 2 years ago.
Her parents both now having very high qualified jobs, they have both decided to move back over to Australia for their own businesses’ in Sydney and move back to their friends and family.

Madison is over the moon about it but has also had doubts about moving to a new school and making new friends, she doesn’t believe that it would be successful, due to past experiences.


9. Chapter 9:

Madison's POV: Tuesday

I walked in through the doors with my suitcase and walked a little to the left to allow access for other people to enter. I stood there speechless. I honestly thought I was dreaming.

The front entrance foyer had very light grey and white marbled tiles with Ivory white walls, and hallway leading to what I can see, a little table with 3 chairs around it, the dining room was to the left and another family room was to the right, and two doors just behind me which lead to other rooms.

I began touring the whole house with Tahlia while the others went their separate ways. The bathroom which was in one of the doors I was standing in front of had very medium grey floor tiles and white wall tiles.

The sink, shower and bath had no taps. I walked over to the walk in shower which only has a shower head. I began tapping on the tiles to see if there was some invisible tap that would turn the water on.

"How the hell do you turn this freaking shower on?" I asked.

Tahlia walked over to the shower I was standing in and was just as clueless as I was.

"What kind of sick joke are Tiarnah and Patrick playing at?" Tahlia yelled. "You just called mum and dad by their first name, if they found out you did that they'd look down at you and call you 'disrespectful' every time you walk past them!" I said back through my laughter.

Everything was all basically robotic and had a weird computer thermostat device that activated the water and set the temperature for the shower and the bath except for the sink which also had no taps but had a sensor that drained the water out when you slid your hands under the spout, the bath was sitting on the tiles, and didn't have taps or a spout.

I walked over to the bath it looked like the water came out of those little things on the bottom of the bath and would just fill up like that.

The tiles were heated, which was great because I didn't have to run around the bathroom all the time when I've got bare feet due to the tiles being cold.

I walked upstairs to see my room and what it looked it. It was the first room on the left because it had my name on the blurred glass french door in wood letters, the room doors weren't like the windows and front door, because you can barely see from the inside and from the outside whereas with the windows and front door you can only see out and not in.

I opened it just a bit and saw a pastel pink wall and an entertainment unit, and a wall collage of photo framed.

I opened the door more to get a better look. The walls were pastel blue with a pastel pink feature wall and dark grey carpet the kind of carpet that left the print when you walked on it or dragged your feet across it.

On the feature wall there was an HD 3D Smart Curved TV built into the wall, there was also a collage of black framed photo frames that hung on the left side of the TV and 4 little white shelves that were screwed to the wall, which held a collection of nail polish, and abstract Canvas paintings ranging from small to big.

Just beneath the TV there was a 2400mm mirrored glass entertainment unit with two shelves in the middle and 2 drawers on either side. On the first shelf there was a PS4 and the home theatre device, the speakers were all around the room to create a surrounding sound effect. On the second shelf just below it there was the Austar modem and a Blue-Ray player.

On the top of the unit there were a few candles with different kinds of fragrances and photo frames, I walked over to the entertainment unit to get a better look at the photos that were in the frames, they were pictures of Lexie and I and Carman and I from when we were best friends, they were pretty dumb looking photos of us and it made me giggle, there was also little speakers that went with the home theatre system as well.

I began opening the drawers of the unit, the top drawer held controllers and PS4 accessories such as chargers and headsets, etc. The second drawer just below held DVDS and PS4 games.

Over the other side of the unit, there were 2 more drawers. The top one held other things such as more films for my Pink Polaroid, power boards, magazines, more photo albums, and a few other things that fit in the drawer.

The drawer just below that had a wrapped present, I was suddenly confused seeing as it was January, Christmas has just been and my birthday isn't till September, the first month of Spring, Autumn for other countries and it wasn't wrapped in Christmas paper. I grabbed it out of the drawer, it was rather heavy. There was a little hand written a note on the paper.

"Just thought we'd give you a little welcome home gift, you better use it for study, or I'll hunt you down.

Just kidding!

I am currently imagining the look on your face as you find this gift in your drawer and when you finish unwrapping it! It's a priceless thought

Love Aunty Joanna, Uncle Sean and Daisy, Annabella and Jasmine"

I giggled and began unwrapping the wrapped up gift, slowly and carefully. After I finished the first layer of paper there was another layer.

"Oh my god is this some kind of joke" I whispered.

I read the little note that was on the second sheet of paper.

"HAHA! Tricked you!" I smirked then began unwrapping hopefully the last layer of paper, it was a white box, I flipped it over and seen a picture of MacBook Pro laptop. My mouth dropped and I screamed! I was so shocked but so happy at the same time, I got up from the floor and put the box on the bed and finished the tour of my room. I noticed that were LED lights that were various colours hooked around every corner and edge of my room even around my the edges of my TV and architrave. My room would must likely look like a night club once it hits dark.

There were 3 bi-folded doors in my room. One lead to my ensuite, the other lead to my walk-in-robe and the other was a glass bifold door which lead to my outside balcony.

I seen that there were remotes on my bedside table, which was made from the same materials as the entertainment unit, and realised that they were for my TV, Austar modem, Blue-Ray player, home theatre and Air Conditioner/header that was installed on the wall, but there was one more that I wasn't familiar with.

I walked over to my bedside table and picked up ip the unfamiliar remote, then pressed the open button, and the automatic blinds to my windows/door that lead to my balcony began slowly winding up allowing little bits of the backyard to be seen in the view of when I'm standing.

The walk-wardrobe was massive, it has a the clothes storages were mirror glass, just like my bedside table and entertainment unit. There were racks drawers and cupboards everywhere, some of the racks from what i could see already the rack had a few dresses hanging on hooks, and shoes shelves that held some heels and other types of shoes.

There was an up and down button on the shelf which I assumed it would be to rotate the shelves so i could get to more of my shoes.

This wardrobe is just like the wardrobe off The Princess Diaries but smaller, it's insane.

I walked over to the other Bi-fold door which lead to my ensuite. The wall tiles were white and the floor tiles were Athens Silver Cream Marble tile which could be mistaken as timber.

The electronically side of things in the bathroom was just like the bathroom down stairs, and there were a lot of similarities such as the walk in shower, and heated tiles etc. Except the bath it was a built in spa bath., with 2 towel rails to the bath and 2 shower rails next to the shower.

Over by the vanity there were GHD hair appliances such as a hair straightener, hair dryer and a hair curler. And there was a long mirror from the room to the vanity. Behind the door held two hooks, one if the hooks hung a soft pale blue shower robe and the other roof did hang anything.

I walked out to my room and on my soft carpet I decided to look see the balcony, I walked over to my bedside when had my remote control on it. I grabbed the one that opened my blinds and pressed open.

I walked over to the door and opened the bi-fold, and stepped out into the nice warm weather. The balcony was rather big. There was a glass barrier on the edge of the balcony obviously to stop people from falling off, there were little tables and chairs on one side and 2 banana chair on the other with a little side table in between them.

I walked over to the barrier and look down. Good thing I'm not afraid of heights. When I stood over the balcony that was overlooking the pool with a spa literally right beside it basically in the pool. There were a lot of trees, flowers and plants in the yard as well.

I looked straight ahead and could directly see the city skyscrapers up from where I was standing. There were a lot of trees that direction that could've blocked my view but lucky I was up high enough to just see above them.

After checking out the ensuite, my walk-in-robe and balcony, I grabbed my laptop box and run to Tahlia's room, who was currently exiting her room also with a massive smile on her face with a box also in her hand.

"What's that?" Tahlia asked. "A MacBook Pro, it was a welcome home gift from Joanna and Sean , what did you get?" I asked "Well they also got me a laptop, but its a touch screen red Microsoft Surface Pro 3 " she answered.

Tahlia and I run downstairs and literally pounced on my aunty and suffocated her with a massive hug and lots of thank you's and continued the rest of the tour downstairs.


Hello everyone, sorry it took so long to finish, I was working on it, but I was procrastinating more. So I have my 5SOS concert on this Saturday which is in like 5 days? Pretty excited. I promise the chapter after the next will be where I introduce the boys into the story, but there's one more chapter I have to write that doesn't involve them, well it might in a way. What's where my thinking comes involved. I hope you liked it, yes I can be pretty descriptive. Next chapter will be up soon, as soon as I figure out a way to start it.

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