New Life, New Beginning ~ON HOLD~

Madison Rose Mortez is a 16-year-old girl. She was originally born in Australia but moved to England with her family when she was 4. She has been raised with her 2 siblings her older twin sister Tahlia and her older brother Jordan. (17)

Madison has being bullied by certain people who she used to call her best friends, Carmen and her little group of friends. It had all started ever since her new best friend Lexie had moved to her school 2 years ago.
Her parents both now having very high qualified jobs, they have both decided to move back over to Australia for their own businesses’ in Sydney and move back to their friends and family.

Madison is over the moon about it but has also had doubts about moving to a new school and making new friends, she doesn’t believe that it would be successful, due to past experiences.


6. Chapter 6:

Madison's POV: Friday.


Lexie and I both run downstairs to the door and was shocked at who was standing right there in front of us. "What the fuck are you doing here?" Lexie yelled

"I've come here to apologise" Carman answered, sounding like she was about to cry. "Apologise for what?" I asked "For" Carman started till I cut her off 

"Actually why don't you come inside I'm not bothered to stand outside at the moment," I said as I opened the door and welcomed her in my house

We all walked to the living room and took a seat."Did you want a drink or something to eat?" I asked. I didn't bother asking Lexie when she got here because she's basically family and she'd help herself which was okay.

I nodded my head and sat back down, this was so awkward "So what have you got to say for yourself?" I asked as I crossed my arms and slouched down in my seat.

"I just wanted to honestly say sorry for everything I have ever said or done to you, including you Lexie, I have come to realise that what I had done to you both was so horrible, and I know I wouldn't have wanted to go through it myself, I am ashamed to think that I am the person who done it to you" Carman began.

"So now you've realised, you've been going this since year 8 when I moved here and now we're year 10 going into year 12 in a few week, that's 2 years of shit you've put her through" Lexie snapped. 

"Shut up and let her finish, this is getting interesting," I said to Lexie Carman sat there and her facial expressions looked as if she was trying to find ways to continue. It was awkward for all of us

"We were best friends from year 3 onwards and when year 8 come along, Lexie moved to this school and we were the people she had to sit with for the first week so she could get used to the school, and I had noticed that you two were starting to become really close and I got really jealous over it since you were already my best friend, and really jealous of you in general I never thought I'd come to even admit that to you or anyone else. That's why I started treating you like I did and have everyone turn on you because I made up all these rumours and they were obviously stupid enough to believe it. I found out on Wednesday that you were moving to Australia, and I honestly was so broken, that I just wanted to scream, but I never shown it. My first ever best friend is moving away and she's going to be leaving England with all the bad memories and remember me as that monster who bullied you and put your life through hell only because I was jealous, I truly am so sorry and I wish I could just go back to the past and know what was gonna happen in future and be smart enough to avoid all of what is happening now, I wish we could change everything, and I know what once something so bad like this has happened there no going back to the way it was, and I'm sorry Lexie for swinging my hand at you the other week" She continued, her eyes beginning to tear up as Lexie rolled her eyes.

"So besides what you had said to Maddie, all this time you've seen me as a threat, and couldn't bring yourself to admit it, and now you're wanting everything to change, mate she's moving to Australia how are you meant to change things now?" Lexie snapped again

"Well I suppose we could work something out, it's not going to be particularly easy being long distanced while trying to fix it, it has to be done face to face, If that makes sense. But there only one condition, you have to be nice to Lexie otherwise it's over, and I knew I shouldn't have trusted you" I said, Carman. "I promise I'll do what it takes," Carman said

I stood up and sat next to her and pulled her in for a hug, gesturing my head as a sign for Lexie to join, and she did. There was a knock at the door, I got up and answered it.

Lex, it's your mum, I yelled from the from the front door. Lexie got up and grabbed all her bags. "Now remember my flights is on Monday, it leaves at 7:05 am don't be late" I said to Lexie and loud enough for Carman to hear just in case she wanted to come to the airport as well. Lexie pulled out her phone and set an alarm for 6:10 am

"Alarm set, it was so fun hanging out with you today, it was so worth it, I'll see you on Monday" Lexie said with a frown then pulled me in for a hug and walked out the door with her mum.

 I walked back into the lounge room, and Carman had her phone out and setting an alarm as well, and gathering her handbag

"I should get going thank you so much for accepting my apology," Carman said

"Lexie's parents taking us to the airport, meet us at the airport at 6:45 am, okay," I said and hugged her as she walked out the door, and I waved her goodbye.

 Well, I didn't think Carman could use such sentimental words like that. I thought to myself as I run upstairs to finish packing.


Hiii everybody, here is my next chapter, sorry it's up so late and didn't post it the days I said I would've which was the day I posted my last one which was the 1st of March or the 2nd of March which was yesterday. I was wanting to post it yesterday and was gonna, but I pressed publish at 11:44 PM and realised that my mum had switched the Internet off like she always does at night, so I'm sorry I posted it a day later. I hope you liked it! And it wasn't too boring.

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