New Life, New Beginning ~ON HOLD~

Madison Rose Mortez is a 16-year-old girl. She was originally born in Australia but moved to England with her family when she was 4. She has been raised with her 2 siblings her older twin sister Tahlia and her older brother Jordan. (17)

Madison has being bullied by certain people who she used to call her best friends, Carmen and her little group of friends. It had all started ever since her new best friend Lexie had moved to her school 2 years ago.
Her parents both now having very high qualified jobs, they have both decided to move back over to Australia for their own businesses’ in Sydney and move back to their friends and family.

Madison is over the moon about it but has also had doubts about moving to a new school and making new friends, she doesn’t believe that it would be successful, due to past experiences.


3. Chapter 3:

Madison's POV: Tuesday.


I woke up once again to the sound of my alarm ringing right next to my ear, this time I actually had to get out of bed and attempt to get ready for school.

 Ugh, school!!

I pulled the blankets off my body and dragged my feet over towards my wardrobe where I had my uniform hanging over the door. I quickly got dressed in my school uniform and then run to the bathroom but was too late.

"Fuck!" I said to myself. I was about to walk back to my room, but I didn't have time to wait around for Tahlia to get out of the shower.

"Tahlia, are you out of the shower" I yelled through the door. "What? No! I just got in" She yelled back. 

"Well, can I come in and quickly grab the hair straighter and my make up, please," I said as I slowly opened the door just a crack. I quickly run in and gathered all the makeup that I was going to wear today and the hair straightener, then run back out.

 I preferred to use the bathroom mirror to do my hair and makeup because I had better lighting, but I guess I didn't have a choice this time.

 When I got to my room I opened up the curtains as an attempt to allow more light to fill my room so I could do my make up. I plugged the straightener into the power socket and allowed it to warm up as I brushed through my hair. 

After the straighter had heated up, I straightened my long naturally wavy platinum blonde hair till it was fully straight then shoved it up in a messy high bun, pulling bits of hair out from the sides, then done my makeup.

I didn't want to do anything to flash today so I just put on some powdered foundation on instead of liquid, some mascara then underlined my waterline with blackish grey eyeshadow, then run downstairs to organise my school bag. 

"Oh, so now you decide to get ready for school" My mum teased as she saw me run into the laundry to get my sports uniform out of the dryer. 

I grabbed a plastic bag and shoved my clothes in the bag, then went look for my Nike Airs, which were not where I left them. 

Where the fuck are my Nikes? I thought to myself "MUUUM" I yelled. "WHAAAT" she yelled back in the same tone, she was obviously mocking me! She's quite good at that, but I knew that she was just joking around. 

"Where are my Nike Airs?" I asked as I peeked my head out the doorway. "Which ones?" She asked. "My black and white ones" I answered "Aren't they in the laundry? That's where they last were" My mum answered. 

I was just about to say 'no' till she cut me off "Wait, I think I know where they're. Jordan put them in your wardrobe last night for some reason." I run out of the laundry and up to my room with the bag to see if they're in my wardrobe.

"YESS, found them!" I yelled. why would Jordan put them in here?

 I run back downstairs and shoved the plastic bag in my school bag then run down to the kitchen and grabbed an apple. 

"Can I ask you something mum?" I asked before I took a bite into my apple.

"Yeah sure" She answered with a look of concern on her face. "Okay, so because tomorrow is the last day of school, and seeing as I won't even be going to that school ever again, could I just sign out of school today instead of tomorrow?" I asked What why?" My mum said.

"Well because there's really no point in even going to school tomorrow whether I was moving or not, not many people go on the last day anyway, and besides we'd only be watching movies most likely, so can I?" My mum walked to the table and grabbed the car keys "Well I guess you could, but that means I'd have to go to the school with you because I'd have to sign for you to do it right?" She asked then walked out the front door.

 I run upstairs to tell Tahlia what was going on, then run back downstairs with her to mums work car.

 When we arrived at the school. I walked through the front gates and the bell had just rung for 2nd period.

Tahlia and I both followed my mum into the office to book an appointment with the principle, lucky for us we were able to get in straight away. 

"Okay, how can I help you?" Mr Clark asked. 

"I am here to sign my children out of school if that was possible?" Mum asked. 

"Yes, of course, If you would just fill out this form then we could see what we can do afterwards," Mr Clark says as he shuffled through files in the filing cabinet.

"How many are you signing out," He asked as he turned to face my mum.

"Three" She answers.

 Mr Clark then pulls out 3 forms turns back around and placed them on the table in front of my mum.

 She filled out all 3 forms and slowly slid them towards Mr Clark and he picked them up reading them signing them after.

"Mhmm, leaving school already?" He asked. "Nah moving to Australia" I answered. Mr Clark nodded. "Okay well if you wish you may take them home now or they are more than welcome to stay for today, we hope to see you again and enjoy your time over in Australia, here are you school reports that were meant to be handed out tomorrow, not that they'd be much use to you anymore" He said.

Well, seeing that Dakota and I both had our uniforms on and bag packed I'm pretty sure it was obvious that we were planning on staying for today although going home now isn't such a bad idea.

" Madison and I and I'm sure Jordan as well, would be delighted to thank very much for such a wonderful experience at your school, I have enjoyed every moment of it since the day Madison and I had both started, and we both have never had any doubts about anyone or anything. This is an amazing school, the teachers are so helpful and kind, and as for you Mr Clark you do an excellent job running this school making everyone believe that education is important, and aiming for the goal that everyone gets the best education possible, making everyone feel, safe and secure and most of all making every minute count" Tahlia preached with a wide smile.

 I looked at Tahlia trying to process all the bullshit that came out of her mouth, she had got to be kidding me. I slouched down in my seat holding my hand up against my mouth trying hide my smile which I can assure was going to end up being a loud amount of laughter.

 Mr Clark flashed a smiled at Tahlia's very scripted, in front of the mirrored practised speech. 

"Thank you very much for your very kind choice of words it had been a pleasure having you all at my school, I haven't had a single problems with any of you. You're all very smart, intelligent children and I can tell you right now that your life is going to be a very successful journey for you all and you're all going to go so far in your lives, follow your dreams and never give up on what you believe." Mr Clark preached back after clearing his throat. 

"Thank you very much," I said as my mum, Tahlia and I stood up from the chair. 

"Thank you very much for providing the best education possible for my children," My mum said as Mr Clark stood up and walked to the door, allowing us to exit the office. 

"Goodbye Sir," I said as I walked out behind my mum. When we were walking down the hallway I couldn't stop staring at Tahlia in disgust "What?! She said yelled.

 I stood there and shook my head. "What the fuck just happened, it was like you had just turned into a stuck up chick trying to suck up the principles ass as if you were asking for another chance after just being expelled" I say through a laugh. 

"Okay bye, see you this afternoon and have a great day," Mum said as she walked in the direction of the gate.


 Heeeeey, here is my next chapter! I hope you liked it! I was sorry if it's boring or too short or something, I'll try and make the next one more interesting. 😉

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