New Life, New Beginning ~ON HOLD~

Madison Rose Mortez is a 16-year-old girl. She was originally born in Australia but moved to England with her family when she was 4. She has been raised with her 2 siblings her older twin sister Tahlia and her older brother Jordan. (17)

Madison has being bullied by certain people who she used to call her best friends, Carmen and her little group of friends. It had all started ever since her new best friend Lexie had moved to her school 2 years ago.
Her parents both now having very high qualified jobs, they have both decided to move back over to Australia for their own businesses’ in Sydney and move back to their friends and family.

Madison is over the moon about it but has also had doubts about moving to a new school and making new friends, she doesn’t believe that it would be successful, due to past experiences.


2. Chapter 2:

Madison's POV: Tuesday


 I was awakened at some time in the night by my older brother Jordan knocking on my door. "Maddie hurry up we've got 10 minutes to get to school!" He said then run downstairs.

School!? What it's not even morning yet? I sat up in my bed and checked the time on my phone, 8:20am 10 minutes to get ready? What?!. Turns out it wasn't night time, after all. Did I really sleep for that long? And they didn't even bother to wake me up for dinner! I threw myself down on my pillow and pushed the other pillow into my face.

Just one more day left of school, just one more day. I got up and dragged my feet towards my dresser to check my class timetable.

I had a free period, which was 1st period; the teachers call it study periods, but free periods sound better it and also meant more sleep for me.

I walked back over to my bed and was just about to throw myself on my bed until my mum yells out my name from downstairs. "Tahlia and Madison, could you come downstairs for a moment, please!?"

I groaned and made my way downstairs. "You father and I both..." My mum began. "What's going on?" My Dad questions as he looks my sister and I not dressed into our uniform. "Ooh yeah, I forgot to tell you, Tahlia, and I have a free period so we aren't going until the 2nd period which means we're staying home" Tahlia explained.

"Ooh is that so?" My dad scoffs "What was it that you were saying?" I asked. My Mum and Dad both walk over to the dining table and sat down beckoning us to sit with them.

"Okay, where do we start?" My Mum asked. "Let's just start off my saying that your Mother and I have both being chosen to manage businesses over in...” My Dad began to explain what was going on until I cut him off.

"What, WHERE!?" I asked as hit my hands on the table; I think I hit the table a little harder than necessary because I was at the stage where I was swinging my hands in the air trying so hard not to swear. "I was just about to say where but you cut me off" My dad laughed as he gives Mum a 'continue' face.

"Okay, well due to having more friends and family over there, and your Father and...." My Mum began. "We're moving to Australia" My dad interrupted.

My mouth literally dropped at the words 'We're' 'Moving' and 'Australia'

"I can't believe this, we're actually moving, moving away from England away from this shit town away from... OH, YES WE'RE MOVING AWAY FROM SCHOOL AND Carmen AND HER PATHETIC FRIENDS! Wait what noo that means I have to leave Lexie this can't be happening, I can't leave her that would be such an awful thing to do" I say as I start to cry not lnowing what my emotions were at this moment. .

"Well we were going manage a business here but then we realised how much Madison gets bullied at school, and like I said we have more friends and family over in Australia and the weather is better over there. " My mum explained.

"We just want to give you the life you truly deserved" My mum said

"When are we going, which bit of Australia are we moving to, and where is Jordan, does he know about this?" Tahlia asked.

My dad stood up and grabbed the car keys as he clears his throat then sat back down as my mum was answering Tahlia's question.

"Eh, well they've got 6 weeks of the holidays for the Christmas break. We still have a lot to do in England, such as clean the house before we leave because we aren't selling it just yet, you all need the time to explain to your managers why you won't be working anymore and Madison, you have to explain to her dance and Gymnastics teacher why you won't be taking lessons, and Jordan has to go see his football coach to quit football, and I still have check-ups with some of the animals at the vet and we have to pack and get everything all organised, and sign you all out of school, so we may not be leaving till the 4th week of the holidays which leaves us two weeks to get your uniform for school, get all your school equipment, get used to the new house and the environment and visit family, just enough time we're moving directly across from the beach, and Jordan has already left for school"  My mum explained.

Mum got out of her seat and grabbed her purse then walked out of the kitchen along with dad.

"We just have to duck downtown to pick up a few things we'll be back soon, not that it'd matter you'd both still be asleep" dad said as he peeked his head through the doorway.

I walked over to the microwave and checked the time on the little screen thing.

Eh, I still have an hour till the second period I'm going back to sleep. I run upstairs closed my curtains, then set my alarm so I'd wake up for school then threw myself in bed and went back to sleep feeling a little overwhelmed but slightly in a good way.


OMGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so sorry I haven't updated, it's been like 6 weeks maybe like longer, I did have six week holidays last week and I could've had like 4 chapters up now, I don't even know why I didn't, but I did go away to the coast in the last week of the holidays, but the whole 6 weeks just went so quick. I'm so sorry! It's very bad of me! I gotta set myself for a special day of the week where I update. I hope you liked it sorry it's not as long or if it's boring I knew how long I hadn't updated for and I was going to add a lot more to this chapter, but I just in a hurry to publish it because I felt horrible.

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