New Life, New Beginning ~ON HOLD~

Madison Rose Mortez is a 16-year-old girl. She was originally born in Australia but moved to England with her family when she was 4. She has been raised with her 2 siblings her older twin sister Tahlia and her older brother Jordan. (17)

Madison has being bullied by certain people who she used to call her best friends, Carmen and her little group of friends. It had all started ever since her new best friend Lexie had moved to her school 2 years ago.
Her parents both now having very high qualified jobs, they have both decided to move back over to Australia for their own businesses’ in Sydney and move back to their friends and family.

Madison is over the moon about it but has also had doubts about moving to a new school and making new friends, she doesn’t believe that it would be successful, due to past experiences.


10. Chapter 10:

Madison's POV: 1 week later- Saturday:

"So how do you know which uniform we have to look for?" Jordan asked mum as Tahlia, Jordan mum and I walked into the embroidery and uniform shop.

Dad and his brother were going to the car dealership to buy a new car for mum as he had already got one of his own last Wednesday. They had already discussed before we went into the city which car she wanted and they both agreed to it.

We all walked up to the counter and waited. "Can I help you with anything?" The young girl asked as she walked up the counter.

"Hello, yes I was looking for the uniform for Norwest Christian College please?" My mum answered as the young girl began typing something on the iPad. She walked over to the rack of clothes against the wall and started shuffling through the clothes to see if those were the ones that matched the uniform that was shown on the iPad.

"What sizes were you after?" She asked. " What size do you think you'd be?" mum asked us. 

"Tahlia and I are normally a size 8" (AUS size) I said to the lady then looked over at Jordan. Jordan played football for a sport so his body bisque was really athletic. The lady handed Tahlia and I a white buttoned up cotton shirt with the school emblem embroiled on the left pocket and Navy blue pleated skirt for us to try on. 

Before we went to the change rooms she give us a crossover tie that buttoned onto the top button of our shirts "I believe you have to wear these as well" she said giving Tahlia and I a tie each as she was reading the information off her iPad. 

After we tired on our uniform we walked out of the change rooms to show mum. My skirt went to mid-thigh maybe a bit longer and so did Tahlia's. We were both short anyway so I'd be terrified to see what it'll look like on a tall person. Jordan came out of the change rooms wearing the same shirt as us and Navy blue Micro-fibre shorts and a tie that he had around his neck and tucked neatly under his collar. The shirt was a tad too small cause of his muscles.

"If you wish to wear shorts when you aren't in a skirt mood one day I can get you a pair to try on" The lady said to me Tahlia "During winter the girls can choose to wear their skirts with black stockings underneath or navy blue track pants, that have the tight elastic around the ankle which are unisex" The young girl said as she walked over to the rack of track pants and shorts she was talking about and handed us both a pair. They fit comfortably fine.

"And what about shoes?" Jordan asked. The young girl started to scroll on her iPad "You can wear any shoes as long as they're black, enclosed and appropriate for school. So Vans, Converses and Nike's etc. I assume are fine, is there anything you were after?" she answered. 

"Jumpers when it's winter?" My mum asked. The young lady walked back over to the rack and handed her 3 V-neck navy blue knitted jumpers. After we had finished trying on the clothes, we all decided that we were finished and paid for the uniforms. 

"That comes to $165.70," The lady said as she was looking at the screen on the computer register. I raised my eyebrows at how much it came up too but decided not to say anything. We left the store. 

"There's dad," Tahlia said as she lead us to mums new white Range Rover Evoque. "We have to go to the mall" I yelled as were all in the car. "I think I saw a mall as I drove back to the uniform store." My dad said as he slowed down at a red light. 

"I only need to go in to get a new school bag anyway and I'm pretty sure that's all I need," I said. "Actually we have to go in and get your school books for school as well" my mum corrected.

We drove for 5 minutes before we arrived at the mall and it probably took literally 40 hours to find a car park. "Who would've thought finding a place to park in this place would be so difficult?!" My dad said as he scanned his eyes around the underground car park.

When we finally found a park we all got out of the car and walked towards the automating doors and up the escalators that lead up to the mall. "Is there a map or something that will guide us through the store?" My mum asked as soon as we got right up the top.

Lucky for us there was a map directly in front of us on a lit up board. We all walked towards the board and searched up the shop category we wanting to find. Mum and dad went in their direction to do their thing while Jordan, Tahlia and I walked in our direction to do our thing. 

We walked for about 2 minutes until we seen a surf store, called City Beach Australia we enter and went our separate ways to browse, over on one of the back walls there was a wall of different brands, colours and types of school bag, Handbags, Purses, wallets and pencil cases. I stood in front of all the different types bags, looking through the bag that were hung on the racks.

There were a few that caught my eye so I took them off the rack and balanced them on the floor against morre bags on the bottom rack, I couldn't make a decision on which one to get so I texted Tahlia so I could get her opinion.


As I waited I stood there looking at the bags still trying to make the decision myself, I hope I don't look like an idiot just standing here in one spot looking completely blank and clueless. "What's up?" Tahlia said as she was like 5 feet away from me. I looked up and Tahlia was standing right beside me with a basket in her hand full of what I could see multiple items of clothing. "I need some help choosing a bag for school, I've got the four here that I liked the most but, I'm so indecisive and I just can't make a decision" I answered. 


Tahlia stood closer to me eying the bag closely. "I like these two," She said as she walked up and grabbed a Galaxy Vans bag and a very pale blue Vans bag. "Yeah good choice, maybe if I can choose from one you could have the other one if you haven't already chosen one before?" I decided. Tahlia held out the two bags arm length in front of her and decided from the two "I like this one!" Tahlia said as gave me the Galaxy Vans bag and kept the very pale blue Vans bag for herself. "Perfect, let's look for some MORE! clothes" I said looking down at Tahlia's basket. 

Tahlia smiled and we walked off to the middle of the store where there were clothes in shelves, on racks and even up against the wall. I had already picked out a few items of clothing which was a black and white Vans shirt, a Black Santa Cruz shirt and hooded cargo jacket. I then walked over to the shelf of shoes which had all sorts of different branded shoes such as Nike, Vans, Converse, Adidas, DC, Supra, Globe, Puma, Kustom. Etc.

I grabbed a the black Nike SB Check shoe with a white tick on the side of the shoe that was displayed on the 4th shelf. An attractive young guy with brown hair apporached me and asked if I needed any help with anything. I looked at his name tag which read Cameron then I looked at the shoe I had in my hand. "Ahh, ooh yeah. I you have any of these in a size 6? (AUS size)" I asked. He grabbed the shoe and checked the size of the shoe which was located on the back of the tougne. "I believe you already had a size 6 in your hand" He said with a wide smile. I could feel my cheeks burning I felt so embarressed.

All I could do was laugh as I tired to come up with a legitimate excuse that I could use to make myself seem a little less dumb "Sorry I didn't know where the tag was" I said back, maybe that was a dumbest excuse i've ever come up with and his totally not gonna fall for it. "Ahh, nah don't worry about it. Happens all the time." He answered.

"I'll take them then please" I said. "Are you wanting to try on the shoe to see if ithey fit first?" He asked "Sometimes the make of shoes nowadays can be a bit dodgy" He then explained. He handed me back the shoe and I took a seat on the bench, they fit perfectly fine. "How'd you go?" Cameron asked. "Just the perfect fit" I smiled and took the shoe off. "Sick, alright I'll just grab the other shoe from out the back then" He said as he walked over to the door the read STAFF ONLY.

I walked over to the counter which was right in the view of the door after I had put my black vans back on. Cameron came back with the box and walked behind the counter scaning the bar code on the box, the school bag and 3 items of clothes I had and put them in two separte bags. "That comes to $171.70" Cameron said as I inserted my card in the Eftpos machine and entered the pin.

After I finished paying Cameron haned me my bags which were on the counter "Cheers, have a nice day" he smiled. I smiled and waved then walked out of the door to meet Tahlia and Jordan who were standing by the front enterence. We soon found mum and dad waiting for us in the same spot we first started off at and we went into Typo (A Stationary Shop) to find the right books we needed then left the mall.


Heeeey guys, sorry for the delay! I've being so busy lately which has prevented me from updating, I'm so sorry. It's finally up though! I hope you liked it. The next chapter I promise will be their first day at a new school, and the boys would be finally fully introducedto the story.

I need to come up with a reaction when Lexie, Carman Maddison's best friends would have been quite massive fans of the boys themselves (As i'm sure i've mentioned in previous chapter) when they find out that Maddison goes to the same school as them, I was to make it dramatic as fuck!

Anyway I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Please give it a thumbed up, and comment some feedback, it'll really mean a lot. Okay its like 2:51 am and i'm like full of energy which is not good because I have to up at 7:40 to be at school by 8:50 am and it probably won't actually publish this till 7:40 am becasuse my internet is switched off.

I'm suffering with some seriously bad insomnia right now. And I think that I've just rambled on with a hole heap of words that probabably dont make any sense whatsoever so I'm just gonna shut up and publish the damn thing. Byeee!! :D


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