Poems Collection - Vol I.

A collection of random poems that tries to rescue the sensations and details of the wonderful and fragile life. Poems that contains reflections of the nature, death, darkness, beauty, light, aesthetic, spiritual, carnal, feelings, and infinite themes about the universe.




死 | 生活

Do you really wanna be my friend, darling?
I'm the darkness 
Who make a person be blind
Who transform solid thing in liquid
I create shadows with my breath

Your tears can't wash your dark spirit
Can you see this smoke?
This smoke will find a nice home 
In your veins
A beautiful tattoo of skull will be in your forehead
Why are you want to enjoy your worst fear?
You will not
Find comfort here

Stay away, darling
I'm the darkness
Pain is my last name
Stay away, darling
I don't want to hurt you
But you don't give me other choice


Do you really wanna abandon me, darling?
I'm the light 
Who can make the Impossible 
Who create the universe
I can roar like a lion
I am severe and serene

I cry because you prefer the shadows
Than the clear and pure truth of the light
You wanna pleasure with the darkness
But you will receive more pain
Can't you see that they're lying to you?
The emptiness is your friend
Because you choose the worst
And you don't wanna be loved by me

But I still love you
I'm the light
Come to me, darling
Your screams are hurting my soul
I can give you peace
Come to me, darling

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