Poems Collection - Vol I.

A collection of random poems that tries to rescue the sensations and details of the wonderful and fragile life. Poems that contains reflections of the nature, death, darkness, beauty, light, aesthetic, spiritual, carnal, feelings, and infinite themes about the universe.


1. ACT I

NOTES: English is not my native language but I really like this special language, sorry if I made huge or little mistakes in orthography. Pardon if my text is superficial but my vocabulary is limited. Anyway, I hope you can fly while you are reading. 



These words are coming to my bones
And my soul feel so deeply satisfied
With this perfect dance

I'm in love with things that I can't touch
But I can see what the love is doing with me
Madness is my therapy
I'm in love with the art of making words
My only lover that can understand me
Are my own words 
That can speak more gently than I could never...

My eyes are closed
And the fear melted away
These words are doing 
Something huge in my heart
A pure feel of ecstasy 
My lips are dancing with the wind
My fingers are flying above of my hair
And my breath is so deep
Like a ocean in your dimension

I am dancing tonight with my state of peace
Finally I see what is heaven in this earth
Heaven is where you can finally feel 

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