Day of The DEAD A New Life

It's been a year since the first book. It is now 2026. It's Devon's new life in the Apocalypse. Will there be more enemy's and tragic deaths? Well thats for you to find out.


4. The return

I pull up to the tree and put the car in park.

“We are gonna need to fix the floor… But thats it”, I said getting out of the car.

“I’ll go get woo..”, Jerron said looking at the woods.

“You think you’re helping make it?! You My friend you are on lookout!” I said staring at Jerron.

“Well I thought…” Jerron said looking confused.

“You thought what that you could get away with everything that happened back in the past?!” I said looking at jerron.

Jerron sighed, picked up his rifle and look towards the woods.

“Andrew come with me to get wood for the floor”, I said looking at Andrew.

    “Alright… Jono keep an eye on Jerron”, Andrew said turning and running after me.



    “Do think Jerron will run?”I ask looking at Andrew.

    “I know him. He will, thats why I had Jono watch him”, Andrew said looking back at me.

    “Lets just find wood”, I said seeing a deady with a rusty fire axe in it’s head.

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