Day of The DEAD A New Life

It's been a year since the first book. It is now 2026. It's Devon's new life in the Apocalypse. Will there be more enemy's and tragic deaths? Well thats for you to find out.


5. Over the river and through the woods

As Andrew and I were walking through the woods, we came across a bridge with a crashed car on it.

“Think there might be supplies?” I asked adjusting my grip on the wood.

“It won’t hurt to check”, Andrew said moving slowly towards the car.

I set the wood down by a tree and activate the retractable knife and run till I’m right by Andrew.

“Ready?” Andrew asks.

“You know it”, I said raising the retractable knife.

We approach the car slowly. Andrew opens trunk as i go search the inside of the car.

“I have a lot of food back here”, Andrew shouted.

“I got nothing up here,” I shouted looking back at Andrew. I see a blood filled baby car seat in the back. I turn around start to throw up. Then i wonder where is the baby?

I hear a low moaning coming from beneath the car. “Do you hear that?” Andrew asks.

“Yeah I hear it”, I said as i kneeled down to investigate. I get ready to attack a deady. I mumble to myself Thank god it wasn’t the child.  I stab the deady in the head.

“Is clear?” Andrew asks.

“Yeah… It’s clear”,I replied. “Take what you found and go back to camp.”

Andrew walks back the way we came. What i can’t get out of my head is where is the baby. I grab the deady and pull out from beneath the car. I check under its fingernails for flesh. Then i check its teeth.

Nothing. I walk back to the tree where I put the wood. All the wood is gone! Then I thought to myself Andrew must have taken it.

I heard the rattle of gunfire in the distance. I did what any survivor would have done, I ran towards the sound.

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