Day of The DEAD A New Life

It's been a year since the first book. It is now 2026. It's Devon's new life in the Apocalypse. Will there be more enemy's and tragic deaths? Well thats for you to find out.


1. Left behind

“Kick in the door…” I whisper to Colton.

Colton gives one swift blow and the door falls off it’s hinges. The four of us enter the room one by one, but quickly. We draw our weapons and start shooting all the deadies in the head.

“Clear!” Colton shouts and moves up stairs. I follow him closely.

We enter a dark corridor. only a few lights work, but I can see a glimpse of some deadies. I see more and more coming.

“SWARM!!! FALLBACK!!!” I scream as I start to fire my M4 into the heart of the swarm. The Corridor was filled with them climbing over each other trying to get us. A small group of 6. It was Me, Evan, Colton, Logan, Jerron, and Joe.

“Their getting Closer!!!” Joe screams while firing his MP5.

We start to move back towards the stairs. One grabs my synthetic. I try and shake it off, but it won’t let go. I throw my rifle to jerron and press the emergency release on my Synthetic. It falls right off.

I draw my 1911 and fire at the swarm as i move towards the stairs.

I run outside to see that the van was gone.

Did they really leave me? I thought to myself. I see an old Chevy Camaro, My dream car, and run for it.

I open the door to see the keys are still in it. SCORE! I get in the seat and start it. I drive towards the base entrance only to see the van sitting in the parking lot next to it.

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