Day of The DEAD A New Life

It's been a year since the first book. It is now 2026. It's Devon's new life in the Apocalypse. Will there be more enemy's and tragic deaths? Well thats for you to find out.


2. Explaining

I climb down the ladder and find Colton sitting there with MY rifle.

“Give me that!”I snapped while ripping the rifle from his hands.

“How are you alive?!” Colton asked shocked. “Jerron said you were bitten in the right arm.”

I raise the stump that used to be my right arm. “It was bitten you idiot, but that was last year. The deady ate my Synthetic,” I said walking into Jerron’s room. “Guess whos alive J-Dog!”

“But how I watched your arm get bit?!” Jerron said shocked to see me.

I did the same thing I did to Colton. I walked outside his room went to Maintenance. David,One of Colton’s best mechanics, was there to greet me. “Devon how’s the arm been. I just made a new model you're gonna... Hey where’s the synthetic I made?” David asked just realizing my stump.

“Deady got it. Good thing you added the emergency release button. Now the model, What are the features?” I Informed him looking at the new model.

“Well it has a retractable knife on the top Just like Wolverine except it has one claw oh and I have new glasses for you too. It has a motion tracker, a compass and a target seeker all in the lense. There is a wire that runs down into a synthetic so you can activate Night vision,”David said in sciencey way.

“Thanks David I’ll like you to install it right away!” I said enthusiastically. I laid down on a table. David gave me some Painkillers than knocked me out.

A few hours later I woke up with my new synthetic and pair of glasses. I go back to Jerron’s room and Punch him in the face so hard that he’s knocked out. I should have let you explain, but it’s too late for that.

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