Day of The DEAD A New Life

It's been a year since the first book. It is now 2026. It's Devon's new life in the Apocalypse. Will there be more enemy's and tragic deaths? Well thats for you to find out.


3. Exile

The council, A government system ran by me, Colton, and Gavin, didn't like how I knocked Jerron out. They also didn't like how Jerron said I was dead.

“Due to Devon M. Bill’s Actions and Jerron C. D. Taylor’s thought the two will be casted out into exile. They shall not return to this groups unless The council decides on it!” said Colton.

A group of men walked over to Jerron and I and “escorted” us out of the Sewer system. As soon as the group walked away I pulled out my keys to the Camaro and said “See ya later J-Dog!”

“You can’t leave me!!” Jerron said panicking.

You're right… Get in the car!!” I said starting the old Chevy.

“Well we need a camp and a group”, said looking up at the center mirror. “We have a tail!” I said flooring the car. Then I saw Jonathan’s head peek out the window and screams

“I’m coming with you, so is Evan, Andrew, and Logan”, screamed Jonathan.

I slowly move my foot off the pedal. “Fine… Lets head back to the old camp.  Remember Zezxel. We were going back.”


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