I'm related to who?

Katrina Holt was doing a lineage project for school when she finds out something amazing. AmazingPhil that is. Thats right, she finds out he's her cousin. Wakyness ensues


3. He Has Arrived

Rayleigh and I sat in my living room with my siblings, giddy as idiots, waiting for my parents to come home from the airport with Phil. We'd been cleaning all day and we smelled like bleach and Pine Sol. Everyone was coming over for a barbecue to meet Phil, so my parents had us clean, as it was our idea.

I heard the door being unlocked and jumped up in excitement. We were like kids on Christmas. My parents stepped into the foyer followed by Phil.

"Hi guys." He said. His voice sounded different in person. He was also a lot taller. "I'm Phil." When he said his name, he did the hand thing Dan did in his first video. Causing Ray and I to fall into a fit of laughter.

"Make yourself at home Phil." My dad said. "You know Katrina and Rayleigh. This is Joe, Lexa and Jade."

"It's nice to meet you in person." Phil smiled, giving Ray and I hugs.

"People will be here in twenty minutes." Mom said. "Get settled in then we'll be heading into the backyard. You can get changed in the bathroom down the hall."

"Thank you."

Everyone got changed into bathing suits and the family began to show up.

Phil warmed up to everyone immediately. He had a few beers with my dad and uncle and even got along well with my aunts. It was cool when we found new family members. Everyone is always so welcoming.

Eventually, the crowd went home and I was helping Phil set up the bed downstairs.

"So how do you like everyone?" I asked.

"Their great. Especially the kids." During the party, our younger cousins had dragged him into the pool to play with them.

"They did the same to our cousins who came from Italy."

"I love kids." He said. "Dan and I..." He stopped himself.

"Dan and you what?" I asked, raising an eyebrow. I had always had suspicions about the two.

"Nothing." He went back to making the bed.

"Okay." I shrugged. Not pressing the subject. "I'll grab you a blanket from the closet. Then I'm going to bed." I got the blanket and gave it to Phil on my way upstairs. "Good night."

"Good night." He replied.

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