I'm related to who?

Katrina Holt was doing a lineage project for school when she finds out something amazing. AmazingPhil that is. Thats right, she finds out he's her cousin. Wakyness ensues


4. Dan and Phil sitting in a tree

I woke up at six the next morning to get ready for work. I babysat for my aunt.

After getting dressed and brushing my teeth, I made my way downstairs for breakfast. On the couch I found Phil awake on Skype with what sounded like Dan. I waited at the top of the stairs.

"I miss you." Dan said.

"It's only been a day Bear." Phil replied. "But, I miss you too."

"I wish I could have come with you."

"I told you to come."

"Yes, but I wanted you to be able to meet your family by yourself first."

"And I appreciate that." Phil laughed. "It's only till the end of the month."

"I know." He sighed. I figured I'd heard enough and revealed myself.

"Morning." I said, coming down the stairs.

"Morning." Phil replied.

"What's that?" Dan asked. "Phil who is that?"

"Dan, this is my cousin Kat." He turned the laptop around so we could see each other.

"Nice to meet you Kat." He waved.

"You too, Dan." I waved back. "What are you doing up so early Phil?"

"I could ask the same thing about you." He laughed.

"I have work." I groaned. "I swear babysitting will be the death of me."

"I take it you have never experienced the hell of retail." Dan deduced.

"I fortunately have not."

"Well, it's time for me to go." Dan said. "I'll call you later Phil."

"Okay." Phil said. He hung up and I grabbed a bagel from the kitchen.

"Bear?" I asked.

"Just an old nickname." Phil shrugged. He was no good at lying.


That wouldn't be the last time Phil would slip up about him and Dan.

A week later I caught him again. Before coming, Phil had promised we'd do collab videos for our channels. As I was gathering things for one of the videos. We were doing two truths and a lie for one of them. Usually people do it as a drinking game but, since I'm 16, were doing something different. We're using water squirters.

I left the guns on the table outside and went to get Phil. He was on skype again with Dan. I knew it was wrong to spy on him. But I was curious.

"I can only stay on for a few minutes." Phil said. "Kat and I are filming some collabs."

"How's America, Lion?" Lion?

"Great. We all went to Six Flags the other day. Kingda Ka is the craziest roller coaster I've ever seen!"

"Did you go on?"

"No. Kat and I didn't want to."

"Well, I'm glad your having fun with your family." Dan sounded almost sad.

"I'll be home soon Bear." He promised. "I love you."

"I love you too." I knew it. They were together.

"Phil." I said, stepping into the living room. He jumped like three feet and almost dropped his Mac book.

"Hey Kat." He stammered. "You ready?" He hurriedly ran to the backyard.

"Who were you talking to?" I asked.

"You heard that?" He turned red.

"You mean you telling Dan you loved him? Yeah." I admitted. I felt bad for spying.

"Kat, you have to promise not to tell anyone." Phil begged. "Seriously, we're not ready to tell everyone just yet."

"You're secrets safe with me." I promised. "Word of advice though. Pick a better place to talk with him than the living room in the middle of the day. You can use my room if you'd like. Jade's always either at work or with her boyfriend."

"Thank you Kat." He sighed. "Now, what are we doing for these videos?" I smirked and picked up one of the guns.

"Well, for my channel, I thought we could play two truths and a lie. You get it right, you get to spray me. You get it wrong. I get to spray you and vice versa." I explained. "For yours we're playing innuendo bingo."

"So that's why you told me to wear my swim trunks."

"You let me decide." I sprayed him with the gun.

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