I'm related to who?

Katrina Holt was doing a lineage project for school when she finds out something amazing. AmazingPhil that is. Thats right, she finds out he's her cousin. Wakyness ensues


7. Christmas Visit

"You ready for tomorrow?" I asked through the phone as I began unpacking decorations. Dan and Phil were flying out the first week of December and staying through New Years. My dad wanted the house to be completely decorated

"Yeah! Dan and I are already packed." My family still didn't know who he was bringing and I didn't plan on telling them.

"Great! Now, are you sure you want to take an Uber to my house from the airport? My dad insists on picking you guys up."

"No. I'd rather not have to tell them in the car that Dan and I are engaged."

"You don't have to worry about them thinking it's wrong." I tried to keep my voice down so no one could hear what I was saying. Most of my family was outside putting decorations up. But my mom was in the kitchen making cookies. "They're good people. They're not gonna be mad about you marrying a guy."

"What about pie?" My mom called from the kitchen.

"Nothing mom!" I yelled back. "Thinking about making pie for Christmas."

"Oh pie!" Phil said from the other end. "Is it apple?"

"Shush you." I said. "I should go. I'll see you soon."

"See you! Send everyone my love!"

"Who was that on the phone?" My mom asked, walking into the living room.

"Phil. He just called to say he was all ready with his surprise guest."

"Do you know who this surprise guest is?"

"Why would I know that?" I raised an eyebrow. I was very good at keeping secrets. I wasn't about to give this one up.

"Come on. You're closer to him than the rest of us. He won't even let me and your father pick them up from the airport. It has to be something to do with this person he's bringing."

"He's not sure when their gonna get in. The snow's starting to hit London and they might be delayed. He thought it was easier to get an Uber and not bother you guys. Oh! He also asked if he could film a Christmas baking video in our kitchen."

"I will never understand him." She shook her head and went back to the kitchen.

-scene change-

My phone rang as I finished hanging up the last of the decorations. Dan and Phil were supposed to be coming soon and we'd spent the whole day finishing up.

"Hey Phil." I said. "You guys here yet?"

"It's Dan." The familiar voice rang through the other line. "Phil was too upset to call."

"What's wrong?" I stepped down from the ladder and sat on the couch.

"Where snowed in. All planes stuck on the ground indefinitely."

"Oh my god. What are you gonna do?"

"We're going to wait for them to let us go. We'll be there when we can." A knock at the door pulled me from the conversation.

"Well stay safe guys. And tell Phil to not get too worked up over it." I answered the door to find Dan and Phil standing outside with sneaky grins on their faces.

"I actually hate both of you right now." I ushered them inside. "Guys! Phil's here!" I hugged him and moved over to Dan as everyone ran into the living room to greet Phil.

"Nice to finally meet you." He said, hugging me.

"You too."

"So Phil," My mom said. "Who did you bring?"

"Everyone," Phil said, wrapping an arm around Dan. "This is Dan."

"Don't you mean [Dan]?" My little sister asked, doing the brackets. Dan turned beat red and he buried is face in Phil's neck.

"Are you two..." My dad tried to find a way to ask.

"Dan is my fiancé." Phil announced.

The three of us stood there waiting to see how they'd react.

"Congratulations!" My mom cheered. Hugs were shared again and congratulations said.

"Did you know about this?" Mom asked me.

"I did." I confirmed.

"We asked her to keep it a secret." Phil said. "We wanted to surprise you guys."

"Well it's nice to meet you Dan." My dad held his hand out for Dan to shake.

"It's nice to meet you all." Dan seemed more than a little awkward.

"Why don't you guys sit for a while." I suggested. "I promised I'd make dinner tonight."

"Need any help?" Phil asked.

"You guys just got here. I'll take care of it."

"You sure?"

"Totally!" I assured. "You guys like stir fry?" The pair nodded.

"Come on." Phil insisted. "Let us help. It's the least we could do after that prank."

"That was pretty mean of us." Dan agreed. "Let us help."

"Fine." I agreed. "If it'll get you guys to shut up."

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