I'm related to who?

Katrina Holt was doing a lineage project for school when she finds out something amazing. AmazingPhil that is. Thats right, she finds out he's her cousin. Wakyness ensues


1. Projects and Trees

I tried to keep my eyes open as a read the screen of my laptop. It was midnight and I had school the next day. If it wasn't for this stupid lineage project I'd be in bed. I was about to fall asleep where I sat when I saw a picture in the corner of the screen. Was that? No.

I zoomed into the image and nearly jumped out of my skin. The guy in the picture was, in fact, Phil Lester.

I took a screenshot of that and the rest of the tree for proof and, after looking for more to prove it, jumped on Twitter.

Omg @amazingphil I found this!!!!!!
And put the pictures up.

No way I was getting to sleep tonight. I stayed up all night downstairs scrolling through Twitter, and, after posting the pictures, tumblr as well.

My alarm on my phone went off and I was still wide awake. I ran upstairs to my room to get dressed.

My phone rang as I was walking to the bus stop.

"Katrina! What the hell was that tweet?" Rayleigh, my cousin, yelled in my ear. "Are we really related to Phil Lester?"

"That's right." I confirmed. "I'm looking more into it but so far it's proving to be true."

"Oh my God!" She squealed.

"Stop screaming or hang up." I ordered. She opted for hanging up. I rolled my eyes and checked my Twitter. Three retweets and eight favorites. My tumblr post had 167 notes. I didn't know why I wanted him to see it. It would be cool though, if he found out and we were able to meet. I stuck my phone in my pocket as the bus pulled up and took my seat.

*****************time change***************

I got home, threw my bag on my bed and let my dogs outside. It was Tuesday, so I had to film my video for my YouTube channel. I didn't think of anything for this week. Not like anything I did was great.

I decided to do an update video. Maybe talk about my findings. I set up my camera, well, my phone, in my room and grabbed my papers for proof.

"Hi!" I greeted with my usual hyper hand wave. "So, I don't have much planed for all eight of you." Yes. I only had eight subscribers. Moving on. "But, if you haven't seen my Twitter, I found out something really cool last night." I started explaining my findings from last night, showing the papers to the camera.

"So," I finished. "Do what you will with this information. I am interested to see what would happen if Phil finds this. If you could help out with that, I'd appreciate it."

"But, that's all for me. Bye." I did my wave again and started editing.

A few hours after posting the video, and telling my family about my findings, I was looking through Twitter when a notification popped up.

At tweet from Phil Lester.

So this girl @claraluna98 and I are related??? I'm gonna have to check this out. More family!

I nearly cried I was so excited he saw it. I was curious to see what he'd do when he found out it was true.

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