My Unnatural Disaster

Charity Parks is caught once again for wrong doing. She now has to go to boarding school titled SFD; School For Delinquents. Just before leaving for the school. She discovers she can create a tornado out of thin air and control it. What she doesn't know is halfway across the map, Lightning controller Vito Davis is packing to go to that same school. She has no idea that over in Ohio, tsunami builder Lorde Young is fighting with her parents so she doesn't have to go to that school. The three discover their secrets and set out to make a difference, all the while meeting a Volcano specialist, James. Will this band of four escape the curious scientists after them, or will they become the main source to experiments.


20. The Scientists Peeve

Vito's glass shattered with a final streak of lighting. He grabbed the key and unlocked Lorde's and Charity's cell.

"Whew," Lorde said brushing off her clothes. 

"Yeah." Charity agreed. She held Poco in her arms and pat him on the head. "What do we do now?" She asked anxiously. The three of them fell silent, thinking. Men in long lab coats burst into the room.

"What the-" One of them said. "Grab them!" Men rushed to the sides of the three kids and held their arms behind their backs. Charity dropped Poco and he ran to bite the nearest scientist. The scientist screamed with pain, Poco scrambled under a table. Charity purposefully began to scream to cause a tornado. One of the scientists whipped out a gun and pointed it at her. She fell silent. The winds that were whipping around them abruptly stopped.

"If one of you steps forward the other two may be free. If not, all three of you get killed. Although, the person that steps forward will eventually be killed." One of them said. The three stared, shocked. Charity bravely stepped forward, Vito grabbed her arm. 

"Charity no, we'll just fight them off." He said. Without looking back, Charity pulled her arm from his grasp. She went to where Poco was, picked him up, and handed him to Lorde. 

"Take good care of him." Charity whispered. 

"Charity please don't!" Lorde exclaimed. Charity turned her back on her and slowly walked to where the scientists stood. Behind her, Lorde and Vito were being ushered out of the building. 

"No! No, Charity please!" Lorde screamed, tears running down her face. They were finally out of the building and the door ceased her cries. Charity was told to lie down of the counter table and the were just going to check the basics today. She obeyed. A young boy, looking about Charity's age walked in. He too was wearing a long lab coat.

"Charity this is James, he's a science prodigy working here." A man said. James was tall with spiky brown hair. His eyes here a deep chocolate brown, and he had tan skin. 

"James please hook her up, we'll come back in twenty minutes." A scientist said as they left the room. James nodded and went over to Charity. 

"Listen Charity;" He said quietly. "I know your a natural disaster, so am I. I've been keeping it a secret from the agency since I came here two years ago. I'm going to get you out of here." He walked from the table to a nearby window. Opening up he said;

"And I'm James, by the way." He blushed. 

"Yeah, I know" Charity answered. He pushed a table toward the wall where the window was.

Lorde! Lorde can you here me? Charity thought with all her might. 

Charity! Are you okay? Are they hurting you? Lorde answered.

No, no! Charity said and she explained everything to Lorde. Tell Vito all this. She said. 

"Alright Charity, let's get out of here." James said. 

And they escaped out the window.

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