My Unnatural Disaster

Charity Parks is caught once again for wrong doing. She now has to go to boarding school titled SFD; School For Delinquents. Just before leaving for the school. She discovers she can create a tornado out of thin air and control it. What she doesn't know is halfway across the map, Lightning controller Vito Davis is packing to go to that same school. She has no idea that over in Ohio, tsunami builder Lorde Young is fighting with her parents so she doesn't have to go to that school. The three discover their secrets and set out to make a difference, all the while meeting a Volcano specialist, James. Will this band of four escape the curious scientists after them, or will they become the main source to experiments.


12. The day it all came together.

After they had cleaned the bathroom, they went outside. It had stopped raining, and all you could see was the black sky. Rain drops clung to the blades of grass. Firemen were already called to put out the shed. It was very hot out, so they took of their shoes and dipped their feet in the lake. 

"I do remember something happening with the wind before I came here." Charity said, noting the taxi incident. 

"And the lighting, it can't be a coincidence." Vito added.

"What about the sinks and the water." Lorde said. She had not succeeded in taking off her high laced boots yet. She finally pulled them off and dipped her feet in the water. The lake began swishing as waves splashed against their legs. 

"What's happening?" Lorde cried as she tried to pull her legs out of the water.

"Leave them in." Vito stopped. "I want to see what happens."  Lorde reluctantly obeyed. A wave rose higher and higher. 

"Guys, this isn't safe." Charity yelled. As she yelled, winds kicked in, forming a funnel shaped cloud. A tornado. Vito screamed out of fright and lighting streaked the sky. Lorde's tsunami was growing bigger by the second. They pulled their feet out of the water and ran. Charity glanced behind her. The tornado was ripping up the grounds, and the tsunami was barreling towards the ground. Vito's lighting was striking at anything it could. They ran into the school. As soon as they got through the doors, everything stopped.

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