My Unnatural Disaster

Charity Parks is caught once again for wrong doing. She now has to go to boarding school titled SFD; School For Delinquents. Just before leaving for the school. She discovers she can create a tornado out of thin air and control it. What she doesn't know is halfway across the map, Lightning controller Vito Davis is packing to go to that same school. She has no idea that over in Ohio, tsunami builder Lorde Young is fighting with her parents so she doesn't have to go to that school. The three discover their secrets and set out to make a difference, all the while meeting a Volcano specialist, James. Will this band of four escape the curious scientists after them, or will they become the main source to experiments.


8. Lorde, meet Vito

Charity saw Lorde after breakfast.

"Where were you at breakfast?" Charity asked her.

"Running, I usually skip breakfast and have a huge lunch." Lorde explained. They walked up to their first class. The teacher, Mrs Drearer, taught proper manners classes, as though we were three. The girls were taught separately from the guys. 

"Good morning ladies." Mrs. Drearer said. "You are here today, because you couldn't learn the basics when you were younger, so now your learning them now. For starters;" She walked over to Charity. 

"Cross your legs." She said menacingly. Charity fought the urge to roll her eyes, and she did as she was told. Mrs. Drearer then gave Ellie a roll of paper towels and soap. She told her to go to the bathroom and wash of all her make-up. And that Ellie better not have any hair spray in her hair or "there will be consequences." Mrs. Drearer (and all the other teachers) spent the morning teaching us about proper behavior. It was finally time for lunch, and a little free time. Lunch and free time the girls and boys had together. Charity grabbed Lorde's hand "Brave yourself, I need to introduce you to someone." 

"Why do I need to brace myself?" Lorde asked.

"You'll see." Charity said as they sat down at an empty table. Charity saw Vito and waved him over. 

"That's him!" Lorde exclaimed, sounding excited. 

"Yeah." Charity said calmly. "Nothing much." 

"Oh my gosh! He's cute!" Lorde squealed. 

"Dang, I didn't know what I was getting into when we became friends did I?" Charity asked.


Vito sat down next to Lorde. 

"Hey gorgeous, who's your pretty friend?" He asked Charity. 

"You need to stop calling me that." Charity said seriously. "And her name is Lorde." 

"Hey Love, I'm Vito." Hey said shaking Lorde's hand. Lorde blushed uncontrollably. Charity rolled her eyes.

"Now that we've made the introductions, Vito how boring were your first classes?" Charity asked. 

"Terrible." He said. "Mr Cwarfmen made us put on suits and ties." Charity laughed. Vito continued. "Then he set up dummies that look like girls and made us give them roses." 

"Wow, our classes were just the teacher lecturing us about behavior." Lorde marvelled.

"I guess the worst comes to us this afternoon." Charity said.

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