My Unnatural Disaster

Charity Parks is caught once again for wrong doing. She now has to go to boarding school titled SFD; School For Delinquents. Just before leaving for the school. She discovers she can create a tornado out of thin air and control it. What she doesn't know is halfway across the map, Lightning controller Vito Davis is packing to go to that same school. She has no idea that over in Ohio, tsunami builder Lorde Young is fighting with her parents so she doesn't have to go to that school. The three discover their secrets and set out to make a difference, all the while meeting a Volcano specialist, James. Will this band of four escape the curious scientists after them, or will they become the main source to experiments.


17. Hunger

Charity jumped when she heard a rustling sound.  She was still keeping watch, passing the time by reading a book with her flashlight. Her body tensed up and she gripped the flashlight tighter. Out of the tent came Lorde. Charity put a hand to her heart;

"Gosh you scared me!" She whispered. 

"Sorry," Lorde said. "You can get some sleep, I'll take over." 

"Thank you!" Charity said gratefully. She then crawled into their make-shift tent. Her muscles weak from lack of sleep. As soon as she layed down, she had fallen asleep.

                                                        🔰       🔰         🔰

Vito awoke with a start, his stomach rumbled uncomfortably. Lorde was already awake, but Charity still lay beside him, sleeping. Lorde was rubbing two sticks together, trying to start a fire. 

"Woah!" Vito held up a hand as he climbed out of the tent. "We're leaving as soon as we get food." 

Lorde put her sticks down; "You're right, it wasn't gonna work anyway." 

Vito smiled. "What are we going to do about food?" He asked. Lorde shrugged. Vito sighed and stood up to examine the woods. He then pulled out his phone, he still had eighty percent battery left. And he didn't need signal because of his good phone. 

"I'm going to find berries, text me." Vito told her, he set out amongst the trees. He walked for about five minutes and finally found a tree with red berries hanging off of it. He scrunched up his face, they were the kind that grew in the park. When he was little, he would pick them and show it to his parents; "Dont eat them!" They would scold, "their not good for you!" So Vito would squish them with a stick and wipe it on a leaf. Sighing, he walked on. Thirst tugged at his throat, but his focus right now was food. He walked for another minute and finally came upon a small creek. The water flow was very thin, a little smaller than his forearm. He followed it, finally landing upon wild blueberries. He had heard about them, they have small pits. After you take the pit out, there's not much berry left. But it would do for now. Not finding anything to put them in, he took of his jacket. Filling it with berries, he retraced his steps to where they were camped. Charity was awake. 

"I have berries, make sure to spit the pits out." He said. The two girls attacked the berry pile as soon as he set his jacket down. He started eating himself. They were sour and tart, not sweet at all. 

But at least they had food.

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